“The Gavin Newsome Show” On Current TV

The current lieutenant governor for California, Gavin Newsom, has been given a spot on Current TV, as a talk show host.

The show, aptly named “The Gavin Newsome Show”, will air on a weekly basis, starting in May, 2012.

Lieutenant Governor Newsome is a former mayor of San Francisco, where the Current TV station is based. Newsome took his job as the Lieutenant Governor in January of 2011. The announcement came on Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

The position as talk show host on “The Gavin Newsome Show” is a paid position. However, a representative for Newsome said that all proceeds gained from the show will go to charity, and that the amounts would be revealed according to California state law. Another representative would not reveal exactly how much Newsome will be paid for his role.

Current TV was co-founded by Al Gore. The show “The Gavin Newsome Show” will be produced by Mia Haugen, formerly with The Street, Forbes and CNN.

Lieutenant Governor Newsome is a Democrat that is well-known for his stance on gay marriage. Perhaps it was this stance, or his willingness to stand for a belief, that garnered his spot on this show. Newsome has taken a strong stance in favor of gay marriage. He has already authorized gay unions in San Francisco, even when they were banned, in the year 2004. The Lieutenant Governor is also known for promoting economic development, environmental protection and higher education. Newsome has done all this from a position which he said had no real authority, with no real portfolio.

Newsome is also known for his time as a radio host while he was the mayor of San Francisco. The radio show allowed call-ins, where it enabled him to talk to the citizens of San Francisco. With a talk show, as Lieutenant Governor, Newsome will have a broader audience to serve.

When Newsome agreed to do the show, Al Gore released a statement that said Newsome was someone that could touch the various worlds of the various viewers- in business, entertainment, politics, and activism. Gore went on to say that Current TV is honored that Newsome will be bringing his intelligence, enthusiasm, curiosity and insights.

Current TV has made these changes in its schedule in spite of a counter suite that it filed against Keith Olbermann. Olbermann was fired after less than six months after he was hired to work with Current TV. Olbermann sued the network when he was fired, demanding $50 to $70 million.

Current TV’s countersuit claims Olbermann was fired due to unprofessional conduct and unexcused absences. The suit alleges that Olbermann threw a glass with water in it while he was on the set. The glass shattered, sending glass shards and water everywhere. It stated that employees were in danger of being cut or slipping in spilled water. Furthermore, the suit alleges that Olbermann missed as much as 19 days of work, out of 41 days in January and February, combined. The suit alleges it was sabotage.

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