“The Client List” Is Picked Up For Season 2 By Lifetime

Jennifer Love Hewitt was very excited when she got the news that the Lifetime drama “The Client List” was just picked up for a second season. She tweeted that she was crying due to her excitement. She thanked Lifetime and “The Client List” fans.

The President and General Manager for Lifetime Networks, Nancy Dubuc, said “The Client List” was everything the network wants. She stated it is exciting, fresh and original. Ms. Dubuc also said the show has attitude. Ms. Dubuc went on to say the network loves Hewitt, and the series, and Lifetime is thrilled that these two have connected with Lifetime’s audience. Ms. Dubuc finished her statement by saying Lifetime is currently trying to express its new brand- “Your Life. Your Time”.

The series has seen some success in its initial run of ten episodes, each one hour long. It was loosely based on a movie shown by Lifetime of the same name. The movie and the series were based off of a true story, about a woman that takes a job in a massage parlor to help pay her bills, after her husband is laid off. The woman took the job, initially, thinking it was a legitimate massage therapy parlor, but quickly found out otherwise. When she faced foreclosure on her home, she decided to keep the job, to pay for the home that housed her husband and children.

Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the part of the woman facing foreclosure. In the show, Hewitt plays Riley Parks, whose husband has disappeared. In the show, she takes a job at what looks like a traditional day spa for wealthy business men. She has to keep the job to support her family. While she is working at the spa, she has to keep her family life separate from all that goes on at her day job.

Cybill Shepherd, Colin Egglesfield, and Loretta Devine all costar in “The Client List”. It is produced by Fedora Films, Jaffe/Braunstein in association with Sony TV. Hewitt, along with Jordan Budde, John Tinker, Howard Braunstein, Efrem Seeger and Danielle Thomas are executive producers.

“The Client List” ended its initial run in April 2012, with around 2.8 million viewers, on average. This is the network’s most watched debut for a series since Drop Dead Diva debuted in 2009.

The movie by the same name also enjoyed high ratings. It totaled more than 3.9 million viewers in 2012. Estimates for the success of the show were high when it’s premier episode garnered 2.8 million viewers, and its second episode was noted by Neilson to have had 2.9 million viewers. It was most popular in the adult’s 25-54 demographic, but saw the highest increase in women 18-49, bringing the total for this demographic up to one million viewers.

“The Client List” aired on Lifetime at 10:00 pm, on Sunday nights for its first season. There is no word yet, as to whether or not Lifetime will change its position on the viewing lineup for Season Two.

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