Stories of “OctoMom’s” Rising Debt Crisis

Recent stories of the OctoMom, Nadya Suleman’s, mounting debt are surfacing as she says she is broke and owes a half to one million to creditors.  The list includes lawyers, doctors, teachers and even Direct TV. Suleman has filed for bankruptcy in Orange County, CA claiming she only has upwards of 50,000 to her name because she has wasted her money on things like Direct TV.

Her creditors include an attorney, insurance companies, lawn services, cell phone companies, gas, water, and power companies, Christian schools, pest control companies, and satellite TV.

The mother of 14 says she has attended a debt counseling class as a requirement for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  She claims to have taken it on the internet although it is unclear how she paid for the internet since she is now on welfare, claiming a single mom with 14 kids who has no steady job can’t pay the bills.

Suleman says she has had to make tough decisions and the bankruptcy was one of them. She feels this is the right move for her to be able to care for her 14 children with a fresh start. The mother of 14 receives $2000 per month food stamps and tells Anderson Cooper on a recent talk show that she is not ashamed for posing nude for a British magazine for $8000.

On the same show, Suleman reveals she has never compromised her values and morals but the financial situation has now changed and some things she would not have done before, have now changed in order to survive and take care of her children. On a recent episode of “Showbiz Tonight” Suleman stated that if it is a well paying job that will get them a huge safe home, she will consider it even in the adult film industry.

Nadya Suleman hit the spotlight in early 2009 as she gave birth to octuplets to go along with the six children she already had, with all 14 being conceived in vitro fertilization.

The Orange County home where she and the children have been living since that time was scheduled to be auctioned off on Monday, but a one week delay came at the last minute. No one has revealed how soon the Suleman’s would be able to stay in the home after auction.

Another stay in the auction of her case came down on May 7th holding off the auction for at least two more weeks.  The four bedroom, three bath LA home was set to go on auction Monday. The mom of 14 says that she and her children will not go homeless, that they will stay with friends if they have to, but they will be safe.

The “OctoMom” has told various reporters that she hates that nickname. She says she just wants her children to have maximum opportunity in life and all that they deserve.  She wants an empire and says she is going to have one. Suleman has continued to maintain that she loves her children and will take care of them as recent reports of neglect have surfaced about the mom.

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