“South Park” – Still On And Funny As Ever

This episode of South Park begins with Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny as they are on a school trip to a library on a bus in the middle of South Park.  The bus library is run by a washed-up hippy who catches the boys discovering romance novels for the first time, something they are clearly interested in. The hippy is extremely adamant about the “magic of reading and encourages the boys to take the books home and read as much as they can.

Suddenly it switches to the South Park version of ‘Cops’ featuring officer Barbrady.  He arrives to the scene of the crime, right in front of the library bus, and a man says “I saw somebody having sex with one of my chickens.” The four boys are there and one of them finds a note that says “another chicken gets it tomorrow!”

As the note is handed to officer Barbrady he declares that everything is fine and that the chicken molester has apologized.  The town gets upset saying that Barbrady always says everything is ok when it never is and Barbrady threatens to kill everyone there.

The news switches on and the newscaster is explaining that the police are trying to solve the case of the “chicken f%#@er.”  A press conference comes on and officer Barbrady is not able to handle any of the questions posed by the press, and then he retires saying “I can’t breathe!” Immediately the entire town of South Park goes into anarchy and the South Park riots ensue.

It turns out that officer Barbrady cannot read and so the mayor of South Park makes him go back to school.  He joins the kids’ class and Mr. Garrison tells Barbrady to read obscene sentences.

While officer Barbrady is getting his education slowly but surely, the chicken molester makes another move and attacks yet another chicken.  Barbrady needs help because he cannot read so he makes Eric, Carmen, Kyle, and Kenny deputies so they can help him.  He gives them nightsticks and then it shows Eric pulling over Stan’s dad on a police tricycle. Eric is now on the South Park version of ‘Cops’ and when Stan’s dad does not take him seriously he beats him with his nightstick.

The chicken molester leaves another note at the scene of the crime saying to read the book ‘Bumbly Wumbly and the Spotted Spacecraft’ to find out where the next attack will be.  The kids help officer Barbrady read the book and discover that it will be at a pond. At the pond the molester has left another note saying to read the book ‘Tiddle the Timid Taxidermist” for the next location of attack.  Barbrady is slowly learning how to read at this point as he spells out ‘taxidermist’ by himself.

Everyone ends up at the petting zoo where the next attack is supposed to be and they discover the chicken molester.  It is the hippy from the bus who just wanted to help Barbrady learn how to read.

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