“Scandal” Team Covers for Their Own

As Quinn comes back to Gideon’s apartment, she finds him fighting for his life and pulls the scissors from his neck. When she does this, blood starts spewing everywhere. Quinn  grabs the phone to call for help and begs Gideon to hang on while she gets help. Gideon dies right in front of her. When Olivia arrives, Quinn is standing in the middle of the room shaking in her shoes. When Quinn wants to call the police, Olivia warns her that they will find out who she really is if they do that.

Olivia pulls the team in to clean up the crime scene for their new client, the woman they know as Quinn Perkins. All the evidence tying Quinn to Gideon’s place is removed. By taking Gideon’s cell phone, they learn that Gideon had figured out that someone sent Amanda Tanner to sleep with the president.

While Cyrus knows that Fitz went to Olivia’s during the night, the discussion was interrupted by the news of three ATF agents being shot in Georgia. Billy Chambers gives his boss, VP Sally Langston, a note that she doesn’t read immediately.  He later interrupts a press conference to announce his shocking resignation.

Chambers also reveals he had an affair with Amanda Tanner. He tells that she was pregnant with his baby and killed herself after only weeks after sleeping with him. When he reveals a tape in his possession proves an extramarital affair with Amanda, the president knows he needs someone to do damage control and that someone would be Olivia Pope.

Olivia sends Fitz to Georgia to deal with the cult while she and Cyrus work to save the presidency that they helped create. Chambers is rounding out the talk shows with the audio tape. He practically admits to Olivia that he killed Gideon, but by the time he gets caught, Sally Langston will be President of the US and that is all he cares about.

The US Attorney David is aware of the fact that Olivia’s team cleaned the crime scene at Gideon’s and calls his cell to prove it to them. Quinn goes to his office with her attorney, Harrison. Olivia shows up just in time to give her version of what has gone on and Davis believes it, but can’t help her because she broke the law. Quinn stays with him as she is a material witness to a crime scene that may never be solved due to the crime scene being tampered with.

Fitz contemplates his resignation so that he can be a regular person and be with Olivia as the two share a kiss in the Oval Office. However, Olivia can’t let him go down and knows she can never have him. She rallies the troops and they all spring into action.  Huck wants to know if he should take care of Chambers as Olivia makes him promise not to kill him. Huck contacts his old buddy Charlie to do his dirty work.

Olivia meets with Mellie who left the team.  They work out a deal to counteract the media where Mellie claims she is the woman on the tape and expresses her outrage that this has happened during the time she is pregnant. Fitz is shocked that they just saved his presidency. Olivia turns in her security pass as she leaves the White House.

Fitz needs his VP, Sally, to support him but she is reluctant to do so. Fitz gives her a file, and her whole attitude changes. It contains proof that her daughter had an abortion as a teen. Sally announces her press conference to throw her right hand man under the bus. Billy is shocked as Charlie steps on the elevator with him. Charlie told Huck that Billy was not Amanda’s killer, it was Cyrus Beene.

David tricks Quinn into giving up her fingerprints and runs them by himself. He later tells Olivia that he is breaking the law by bringing her back into her office.  David does not normally break the law. With all the team standing around, Olivia asks Quinn if she wants to tell who she really is or does she want her to do it.

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