“Parks And Recreation” Delivers Loads Of Laughs

In “Parks and Recreation” Leslie bothers her Congressman in order to not have a portion of the parks and recreation budget cut.  However, instead of cutting parks and recreation he instead cuts the budget of an animal shelter which means all of the animals it cares for will be put to sleep.

This makes the evening news and Leslie is accused of being an animal murderer.  As a counter against these allegations Leslie tries to come up with some sort of way that she can avoid cuts to the parks and save the animal shelter.

Back at work April is taking over for Leslie and finds that the job is not as easy as Leslie made it sound, instead of giggles and happiness all of the time there is frustration and name calling “like hamster penis”.  April leaves the conference meeting in low spirits.  But luckily Tom is there at his desk to give April a pep talk.  He tells her that she is good at her job but just needs to find something that she is passionate about.

Ron is also being bothered by Chris who deciding whether or not to give Ron a promotion.  Ron wants the job and Chris will not leave him alone until he decides to go to meditation with him.  Ron reluctantly agrees, but is apprehensive.

The next morning Ben wakes up to a home filled with animals from the animal shelter.  Leslie adopted all of the pets so that they would be safe until she could think of a solution to cuts.  April then comes up with the idea of trying to find homes for the animals while Leslie is fixing everything.
Leslie figures out that if they fire some employees that have not been active for two years they will have enough money to spare.  She and Ben approach the congressman with this solution and it seems to go over well.

At the animal sale April only successfully sells one animals and ends up getting more pets at the end of the day than she originally had.  Once again she is angry and discouraged.

Ron however is happy to be out of his long meditation expedition with Chris and also learns that he got the promotion due to actually going through with it.  The only bad news is that Chris might not be reinstated and therefore may not have a job to give Ron.

Leslie’s new decision to cut some jobs ends up cutting an entire department which would but Ann out of a job.  Leslie doesn’t know what to do so the only thing she can think of is to let Bob, her opponent, pay for the animal shelter leaving him looking like the good guy until next week when she decides that she will beat him in the debate.

April didn’t show up to work leaving Tom concerned so he shows up at her house and reminds her that even though she didn’t save every animals life, she did save one.

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