Judges Axed From “America’s Next Top Model”

Loyal followers of CW’s “America’s Next Top Model” were surprised to find out that some of the fan favorites would not be on the show next season.

Nigel Barker, judge for the show, J. Alexander, model coach and Jay Manuel, creative director, will all be replaced in the coming season. Not only were fans a little sad to see such long-time members of the show go, but Tyra Banks was, as well.

Tyra Banks is the executive producer and the host for the hit series. As her position dictates, she has to make the hard decisions, sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean she has to like it. In a recent interview, Ms. Banks talked about the decision to let these people go.

Banks stated that the decision to fire Barker, Alexander and Manuel was very difficult. She said it was done because she felt like the show needed something new, like a new boost. She also said there are a lot of people that are involved in the decision-making process. She also said she still loves them, and that they are her guys. She went on to explain the close ties were a result of them being with her since the beginning of the show.

However, there may be good news for the future employment statuses of Barker, Alexander and Manuel, because Banks also revealed that she and Ken Mok have other projects that they are developing. She said they are a family and that it doesn’t end. Continue reading

Kardashian Family Offers Vague Comments on Kim and Kanye’s Relationship

It’s obvious the Kardashians are sticking together as they dodge the rumor mill and try to squelch the rumors of Kim and Kanye West being an item so soon after the breakup of Kris Humphries and Kim. It’s already been revealed in interviews that Khloe thinks Kim and Kanye are cute together, and all Kourtney would say is “Who knows?” So you see there is no denying it, but there are also no affirmations to the contrary.

As far as finding out what Kim’s mom and Bruce think about it, Kris shared some comments on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, but they were no more informative than what is already known. Kim’s mom dodged the gossip bullet by saying Kanye has been a long time friend of the family and she loves him dearly. She went a step further to explain that she doesn’t try to make judgments about the people the girls have relationships with as she doesn’t want to get herself in trouble, and reiterates earlier comments that she is usually the last to know when it comes to her girls’ love lives.

Bruce, on the other hand, gave a motivational speech to some college kids at Northwestern University in Boston last week, and his remarks weren’t as positive as those of his wife. He admitted that he and Kim have had a conversation about a potential relationship, but said he was not that excited about the situation as the subject came up. Some of the students tried to analyze Bruce’s comments as they say he gave the impression he was not happy about the idea of the two hooking up, and although he would not confirm or deny it, his comments gave them the feeling that the two were together. Continue reading

Minneapolis Minnesota Comcast Cable Services

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With so much to enjoy, everyone will be flocking to your television set.  Enjoy hosting the best movie and sports nights with more HD movie and sports channels than ever.  As realistic as it gets you will blow the minds of everyone who watches the big game at your house. Continue reading

This Week on “The View”

Today’s topics on “The View” encompassed the latest trends and headlines from Ashley Judd on the hit series “Missing” as she thwarts off rumors of her plastic surgery to Alec Baldwin’s alleged stalker claiming that he led her on in a relationship.

Sherri dropped in from LA on the live show today offering the inside scoop on why Melissa Gilbert was rushed to the hospital after performing Monday night on “Dancing with the Stars.” She also answered questions about how tough the judges are getting on the dance show contest.

The first guest today was Steve Harvey as he sat with the hosts on the show to talk about how he is taking his new best-selling book Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Man to the big screen and how he is using his own personal spin on daytime TV. Members of the audience went home with a copy of his book and soundtrack of the movie.

Especially exciting on “The View” this week, the stars from the hottest new sitcom “Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23” showed up to join the hosts. Krysten Ritter shared how she owed her break in TV all to Whoopi and Dreama Walker talked about her hobby that was impossible.  Also, Debra Messing discussed starring in the television series “Smash” and told about why she was forced to join Twitter.

The show also capitalized on ABC’s Lara Spencer as she took them on a trendy redecorating mission showing how to spend thousands less by learning to use those hidden treasures from garage sales, flee markets, thrift stores and even dumpsters. Continue reading

Was Your Favorite Cable Show In The Top Spot?

It all comes down to the ratings, no matter how much you like the show. So, if your favorite isn’t on this list, keep checking back. Ratings can drop drastically, then make a sudden comeback.

For April 4, 2012, the top five cable shows go as follows:

“Tosh.O” was number one, again. Tosh.O is a show that deals with everything from the mildly humorous down to the eccentric and bizarre. With David Tosh leading the way on sarcastic and witty commentary, viewers are introduced to the flamboyant, comical and just plain strange world of online viral video. It covers video posted online from all over the world, with Tosh offering the subjects of these videos an opportunity at web redemption. It comes on at 10:00 pm on Comedy Central.

“Dance Moms” came in second on the ratings list. It airs at 9:00 pm on Lifetime. The show follows Abby Lee Miller, of the Abby Lee Dance Company. While trying to teach these children how to become world-renowned dancers, Miller also has to deal with the mothers that want to make sure their children succeed. The program shows the sometimes grueling world of dance competition and the International programming-personal relationships between those that are involved. Continue reading

Charlie Sheen Is Back With A New Show!

Most can remember Charlie Sheen’s fall from grace in Hollywood, culminating in his termination and the early release from his acting role on “Two And A Half Men”. He was replaced on the show by Ashton Kutcher in March 2011.

The series of events that led to his termination spanned a fourth month length of time. Sheen was reported as having been seen using cocaine, not carrying out his responsibilities on the sitcom “Two And A Half Men”, ranting in the media about the show and its producers, being “difficult” to work with on the show, trashing his hotel room at the Plaza, and skirting around going to rehab. In a dismissal letter from Warner Bros. to Sheen’s lawyer, the studio went so far as to say Sheen’s behavior was self-destructive, and the studio would not continue to do business with Mr. Sheen while he destroyed himself. In defense of the allegations of drug abuse, Sheen reportedly took two drugs tests a week to prove that he was not doing cocaine.

That was a little over a year ago. Recently, it was announced that Sheen is making a comeback with an appearance in two commercials and the leading role in a new TV show. Continue reading

“Once Upon A Time” On ABC

The plot thickens while other questions are answered on the latest episode of “Once Upon A Time” on ABC.

Episode 15 of season one shows a very different side to Ruby. While there’s something amiss with David, with black outs and a missing wife, Ruby is finding out she has hidden talents that can be put to good use in the present day.

When Ruby gets tired of Granny’s overbearing ways, she quits the diner and the extra hours that Widow Lucas wants her to work. While at the sheriff’s office, Emma offers Ruby an assistant’s position.

Due to a guilty conscious and worry for his wife, David goes looking for her in the woods. When Emma tells Mary Margaret how bad it looks for David right now, Mary Margaret wants to help and goes to look for Catherine, as well. David and Mary Margaret meet up in the woods, but David isn’t himself. He’s incoherent and seems not to recognize Mary Margaret.

When Mary goes back to the sheriff with this information, concern for David leads Emma to grab Ruby and head to the woods for a search and rescue mission. Ruby takes the lead through the woods, giving voice to her insecurities and doubts about whether or not she will be of any use. But something makes her stop and shush Emma. She announces that she knows where he is, and runs off in that direction. Emma catches up to find Ruby standing over David. Continue reading

Online Dating and Relationships

Free online dating sites offer free services to help people find friends and lasting relationships of a more personal nature. These sites save money that can be better spent somewhere else while allowing people to get the personal connections they want. These sites allow like-minded people all over the country, or world, to get together online for chatting, networking or dating. They are especially helpful for people with busy demands on their schedules that do not really have the time to go out to meet new people.

Free online dating sites help people avoid the sometimes awkward or dangerous situations that people can find themselves in on a date. Other than the obvious advantage of not having to pay for the service, other benefits include controlled anonymity, taking things at a comfortable pace and the added protection that online services offer. No one has to know personal details about someone else until that individual is comfortable revealing more. Subscribers can get online and meet people from all over the world with no pressure to disclose income, family size, ethnicity or other revealing information.

The personal information that is required at sign up varies, but in general, it consists of an email for communication purposes from interested parties and the website itself, a user name and password. Some sites will ask for more information at sign up like the subscriber’s zip code for matching potential mates in that specific area, gender, preferred gender for mates, information on smoking, marital status, taste in music and other generalized information.  Some sites will ask for a brief description of personal interests or goals, as well, and most sites will ask for a photo. Continue reading

Blogcomment Demon and Your Internet Marketing Plan

The Internet is a tough place to get started in marketing your products or services. Gone are the days of a small on-line community in which competition was not abundant and customers would simply type in what they were looking for and find one or two websites to choose from. If you simply start a website selling your product or service and never engage in active marketing, chances are you will never see a sale or they will trickle in at a rate that will only frustrate you. This is why it is more important than ever to develop a robust Internet marketing plan.

How do you get started in Internet marketing?

Once you have decided that you are serious about marketing your product or service through the Internet, it is not terribly hard to get started in doing so. The main way on-line marketeers are generating leads and sales in today’s Internet marketplace is called “backlinks”. Backlinks are simply links to your website that come from another unaffiliated website. If you have quality backlinks on highly visible, high-traffic websites, you have a built-in audience, one that you don’t have to spend time building, that will see your link and click through to your website. Continue reading

Blogcomment Demon-A Review

Blogcomment Demon-A Review

As today’s internet changes, so do the ways that you build websites. As any webmaster of today knows, simply designing, building and creating content for a website will not get you a good ranking with the many search engines that are out there. Much more needs to be done in order to achieve the maximum effect that you want for your website.

In the past, you could have simply loaded your website with good content and a few ample keywords in order to receive a good ranking with the major search engines. With the internet being more accessible, convenient and easy to do seemingly daunting tasks for even the most novice of webmasters, there are many more websites on the internet now. For this reason, it is getting harder to achieve a favorable ranking in these same search engines. Search engines have changed their criteria based on this fact and are becoming more selective with what websites they rank. Think of it this way. If you have the only website on a particular topic that someone is searching for, then your ranking will be number one on all of the search engines. Now increase that same scenario except this time you are not the only person with a website on that topic, there are 100 other websites with the same topic information. It would be harder to achieve a high ranking dependent on what the other websites have to offer. That is the every day scenario that every website faces in today’s world. This is the hurdle that you must overcome if you desire to have a website that will rank well with the search engines. Continue reading