GMA Finally Beats “Today Show” In Ratings After 16 Years

Is it possible for one TV show to rank at the top of the ratings chart for 16 years straight? Apparently, it is. The Today show did just that. It ranked at the top of the ratings for 16 years, but not anymore.

This winning streak started in 1995, with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric as the main anchors for the show. All in all, the Today show took the top ratings for 852 weeks in a row, garnering as much as $484 million for NBC in 2011.

This fall from grace comes after NBC signed Matt Lauer for an extension on his contract. This extension now makes him the most paid host on television news, raking in an estimated $25 million per year for the next four years. This week, however, Matt Lauer was on vacation. The loss of Today’s winning streak has been attributed, in part, to Matt Lauer’s week of paid vacation. This does speak for Lauer’s job security on the show, and poses a serious question about any vacations in the future. Continue reading

“The Client List” Is Picked Up For Season 2 By Lifetime

Jennifer Love Hewitt was very excited when she got the news that the Lifetime drama “The Client List” was just picked up for a second season. She tweeted that she was crying due to her excitement. She thanked Lifetime and “The Client List” fans.

The President and General Manager for Lifetime Networks, Nancy Dubuc, said “The Client List” was everything the network wants. She stated it is exciting, fresh and original. Ms. Dubuc also said the show has attitude. Ms. Dubuc went on to say the network loves Hewitt, and the series, and Lifetime is thrilled that these two have connected with Lifetime’s audience. Ms. Dubuc finished her statement by saying Lifetime is currently trying to express its new brand- “Your Life. Your Time”. Continue reading

TV Done Right – The Dish Network Way

Everybody knows it: we live in tough economic times. Once rock-solid businesses are going bankrupt or cutting staff and services in order to stay afloat. But in the highly competitive telecommunications industry, one company continues to thrive and grow. That business is Dish Network Satellite TV. With a customer base of over 13 million satisfied customers, what is it that makes Dish Network stand out from its competitors?

Three pillars of business success are customer service, high quality and low prices and Dish Network has them all. When you consider the fact that Dish TV offers far more HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) program options than any of its cable or Satellite TV competitors at much lower prices, you’ll wonder how they can do it. The answer is simple. They know that satisfied customers are long-term customers and customer satisfaction is Dish Network’s  number one priority. While their competitors charge a fee for system upgrades like HDTV, Dish Network literally gives it away. And then they throw in regular specials and promotions just to sweeten the deal for their customers.

An essential ingredient of customer service is giving the customer what they want. At Dish Network, they believe in giving the customer more than they want or could even dream of having. The baseline program package at Dish is their Classic Bronze Pak’s 100-plus SD channels. That’s already more than most other television service providers offer in their far more expensive top-of-the range deals.

Continue reading

“Parks And Recreation” Delivers Loads Of Laughs

In “Parks and Recreation” Leslie bothers her Congressman in order to not have a portion of the parks and recreation budget cut.  However, instead of cutting parks and recreation he instead cuts the budget of an animal shelter which means all of the animals it cares for will be put to sleep.

This makes the evening news and Leslie is accused of being an animal murderer.  As a counter against these allegations Leslie tries to come up with some sort of way that she can avoid cuts to the parks and save the animal shelter. Continue reading

Rock N’ Roll Night On “Dancing With The Stars”

The theme for this week Dancing with the Stars episode was rock n’ roll which meant a plethora of Mohawks, painted faces and huge 80’s hair that we all thought we had escaped.  But, no season of Dancing with the Stars is fulfilled without its handful of injuries, injuries, injuries.

No one had bigger hair this week than the beautiful Brooke Burke, her performance was good but also not memorable.

Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus really tried their hardest to perform well to Bohemian Rhapsody which was a rather difficult song.  Their efforts were stringent but not good enough.  The judges acknowledged that they appreciated the effort that the two put in but they were a bit sloppy and their posture could have been stronger.  Altogether the judges were not impressed by the dance moves but more-so by Gladys’ costume. Continue reading

“Last Man Standing” in The Spotlight

In this week’s episode of The Spotlight, Vanessa has just been nominated for an award that honors the Volunteer Parent of the Year, an annual award at Eve’s school.  Since the principal told her she should prepare a few words, it must mean that she is going to win.

Presently, Vanessa is getting some sun but her relaxation is interrupted as Mike tells her that famous football star, Peyton Manning, came in to the Outdoor Man.

Vanessa is getting nervous about her award at the school when she finds out that another woman’s husband who owns a landscaping company has donated new sod to upgrade the baseball field. She is just sure she is in jeopardy now that politics has come into play. Mike comes up with the idea of helping out the school as he donates an impressive new scoreboard from the Outdoor Man that the whole community is talking about. Now Vanessa is afraid that everybody will think she is trying to buy her way into winning the award. Continue reading

Stories of “OctoMom’s” Rising Debt Crisis

Recent stories of the OctoMom, Nadya Suleman’s, mounting debt are surfacing as she says she is broke and owes a half to one million to creditors.  The list includes lawyers, doctors, teachers and even Direct TV. Suleman has filed for bankruptcy in Orange County, CA claiming she only has upwards of 50,000 to her name because she has wasted her money on things like Direct TV.

Her creditors include an attorney, insurance companies, lawn services, cell phone companies, gas, water, and power companies, Christian schools, pest control companies, and satellite TV.

The mother of 14 says she has attended a debt counseling class as a requirement for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  She claims to have taken it on the internet although it is unclear how she paid for the internet since she is now on welfare, claiming a single mom with 14 kids who has no steady job can’t pay the bills.

Suleman says she has had to make tough decisions and the bankruptcy was one of them. She feels this is the right move for her to be able to care for her 14 children with a fresh start. The mother of 14 receives $2000 per month food stamps and tells Anderson Cooper on a recent talk show that she is not ashamed for posing nude for a British magazine for $8000. Continue reading

All The Antics Of “30 Rock”…

Jack has an opening to attend for a couch factory but he can’t find his giant scissors!  But luckily they are giant sized so he finds them in time.  While Jack is at the opening he gets a call from the hospital that his Mother has had heart surgery and needs a place to stay after he is released.  They then spend the next five minutes bickering over the phone causing Jack to miss the cutting of the ribbon…further ruining his life.

Back at the studio Jenna enters bragging about how she is sleeping with a rock stay, who is actually a member of the Woggels (an Australian children’s group).  She is determined to break him and his band apart, much like Yoko did with the Beatles, in order to further boost her ego.  However, Liz thinks that this is all simply a distraction for Jenna because she really misses Paul.

Tracy is in distress because his oldest son, George Foreman, got into Stanford and none of the Morgan men attend college.  He determines to spend a day with his son and show him all of the fun that he will be missing out on if he turns into a nerd. Continue reading

“Shark Tank” – Episode 314

Friday’s show in the “Shark Tank” hosts Barbara Lampugnale as she pitches her “Nail Pak,” asking for $50,000 for 20% of her business.

Barbara has six girls and they all enjoy painting each others nails on Friday nights. Barbara came up with the idea of packaging the nail polish, pads, file, and remover into one convenient bundle for retail.  She conveys it costs her $3 to make the package and it sells for $14.99 each. She has invested just under $300,000 of her own money so far.

Shark Robert decides he can’t see how it is possible to add any value to the product so he is not interested. Mark is aware that Barbara needs a big support team to help her grow the product, but he is out as he knows he is not that guy. Lori likes the product and makes Barbara an offer of $50k but wants 51% of the company as she thinks it will sell out on QVC and promises Barbara to treat the product as it is was her own.

Meanwhile, Kevin hops on the bandwagon and offers her $50k for only 40% of her company as he knows many people who will get her on shopping channels. He emphasizes that with him, Barbara will retain control over her company as he asks Daymond to join in with him. Continue reading

“Game of Thrones” Recap

In this thrilling installment of “Game of Thrones” there is exciting ploy after exciting ploy.  North of the Wall brings us to witnessing a beating of Jon Snow by Craster the Molester because he saw the sacrifice of the baby from last week.  Jon goes to the Lord Commander and complains about how Craster the Molester is killing off young boys.  Of course everyone knows this already and the Lord Commander explains to Jon that it is a necessary service that has saved the lives of the brothers of the Night’s Watch.

The brothers are finally kicked off of the homestead. Sam and Gilly have been involved in a low-key flirting extravaganza, but Gilly has to leave and looks a little annoyed because nothing has materialized.  He still gives her his mother’s thimble, but not permanently.

Meanwhile in Winterfell Bran is having tons of dreams where he becomes his direwolf Summer.  Bran gets to run, kill animals, and jump through the woods despite the fact that he is actually unable to watch.

Bran tells Luwin and explains that he thinks the dreams are real.  Of course, Luwin thinks they are fake and states that the dragons and giants are long dead and gone whether or not they really are.

Back at Renly’s Camp there is an epic fight between two knights. Seemingly obsessed with wanting to be king and gain the Iron Throne, Renly Baratheon enjoys wearing a crown while sitting on a platform and watching a knight-fight tournament. Continue reading