“Sister Wives” On TLC

Reality TV takes on a whole new purpose when it reveals the illegal. However, for one family in Utah, there will be no legal ramifications. For the Brown family, their private lives were exposed when they agreed to be the subjects of a reality TV show, “Sister Wives”, on TLC. The show, now in its third season, portrays a man, named Kody Brown, and his four wives, and their 16 children. Polygamy is illegal.

When authorities found that Brown was having marital relations with four women at one time, they decided to pursue criminal charges. When the Browns found out about this, they decided to sue. As a counter-measure, the attorney for Utah County, Jeff Buhman, closed the case. It does not appear to have done any good for the county, though, as the Browns have sued Utah county, Utah’s governor and the attorney general. The reason behind the lawsuit, according to the Browns, is that the statute against bigamy is a violation of their constitutional rights. They said that the Constitution gives them right to due process, free exercise of religion, equal protection, free speech and freedom of association.

The suit was brought before U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups, who dismissed Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and Gov. Gary Herbert from the case. The judge said he dismissed these two because Shurtleff has a policy that prohibits them from being prosecuted, if all parties are consenting adults. Continue reading

E! News Update

This week on E! News Justin Bieber is being charged with misdemeanor battery for laying his hands and possibly his shoe on a photographer.

The story reports that Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez were trying to enjoy a relaxing Memorial Day when a paparazzi photographer blocked his vehicle in causing Justin to get out of the car and get heated.  Bystanders reported that The Biebs pushed the photographer against a car and assaulted him. The police were not able to get in contact with Justin because he quickly left the country for a tour.

In other news  Gordon Ramsey got hurt after being elbowed in the back during a soccer tournament for charity.  Some of the other players were Will Ferrell, Gerard Butler, and James Mcavoy. Continue reading

“The View” Reveals Friends of “GMA” Top Ratings

Wednesday on “The View” was just as exciting as it always is, with the hot topics of the day ranging from a doctor who declares that he has evidence that there’s a G-spot to who is offering a million dollars for proof that popular quarterback, Tim Tebow, is not a virgin, and on to how the Kardashians just became 40 million dollars richer.

Next up on the show, guest Joel McHale tells about the battle between Chevy Chase and the designer of show “Community” coming to an end, and whether or not the program will be back next season. Also interesting was his exposure of Barbara getting steamy on “The Soup.”

The second guest today, Marilu Henner, revealed her rare medical condition and tells how it helps her to remember and appreciate every single day of her life.  She also talks about how she loves to play mind games with her children. Continue reading

“South Park” – Still On And Funny As Ever

This episode of South Park begins with Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny as they are on a school trip to a library on a bus in the middle of South Park.  The bus library is run by a washed-up hippy who catches the boys discovering romance novels for the first time, something they are clearly interested in. The hippy is extremely adamant about the “magic of reading and encourages the boys to take the books home and read as much as they can.

Suddenly it switches to the South Park version of ‘Cops’ featuring officer Barbrady.  He arrives to the scene of the crime, right in front of the library bus, and a man says “I saw somebody having sex with one of my chickens.” The four boys are there and one of them finds a note that says “another chicken gets it tomorrow!”

As the note is handed to officer Barbrady he declares that everything is fine and that the chicken molester has apologized.  The town gets upset saying that Barbrady always says everything is ok when it never is and Barbrady threatens to kill everyone there. Continue reading

2012 Digital Newfronts

The annual Digital Newfronts are the place where internet companies such as AOL, Hulu, Yahoo, YouTube, and others, are each given their turn to impress advertisers. The event is two weeks long, and is usually used only by the internet companies. However, this year, NBCUniversal took a turn with a presentation for new options and collaborations. The event was held in Manhattan, at the Skylight West.

During this year’s Digital Newfront, advertisers were introduced to a wide variety of new offerings for the internet.

NBCUniversal, or NBCU, is launching the Universal Games Network, or UGN. This network will be the center for the fan favorites that NBCU already has available, such mobile. social and online games. The UGN allows fans to go to a single site for a complete layout of all their favorites in one place. The site will also offer reward points for fans that make that their one-stop source for their gaming. These points will be redeemable for virtual and real prizes. Continue reading

“The Gavin Newsome Show” On Current TV

The current lieutenant governor for California, Gavin Newsom, has been given a spot on Current TV, as a talk show host.

The show, aptly named “The Gavin Newsome Show”, will air on a weekly basis, starting in May, 2012.

Lieutenant Governor Newsome is a former mayor of San Francisco, where the Current TV station is based. Newsome took his job as the Lieutenant Governor in January of 2011. The announcement came on Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

The position as talk show host on “The Gavin Newsome Show” is a paid position. However, a representative for Newsome said that all proceeds gained from the show will go to charity, and that the amounts would be revealed according to California state law. Another representative would not reveal exactly how much Newsome will be paid for his role.

Current TV was co-founded by Al Gore. The show “The Gavin Newsome Show” will be produced by Mia Haugen, formerly with The Street, Forbes and CNN. Continue reading

Ryan Seacrest Snags Beverly Hills Estate of Ellen Degeneres’s

Paying close to the asking price, Ryan Seacrest makes a purchase of the Ellen DeGeneres mansion for a whopping $49 million. The “American Idol” emcee is reportedly worth $125 million and captures close to $45 million in a year and maybe more.  Seacrest will be the proud owner of a 9, 200 square foot mansion that houses three guest houses and several cement ponds, sitting on 2.87 acres.  It almost covers an entire block, which is huge for the Beverly Hills area.

The multi-million dollar deal is currently in escrow and is expected to close some time this week. The same realtor reeled in the dual agency commission on the deal for an estimated three million dollar pay check. The property was also owned previously by Max Mitchnick, co-creator of the TV series “Will and Grace.” Ellen bought the place for 29 million, but also purchased adjacent properties to go with it.

Seacrest has recently hooked major deals rendering himself a healthy paycheck with multi-million dollar deals with NBC Universal and “American Idol,” plus an additional deal with Clear Channel lurking on the horizon. Ryan appears to be looking to advance his career as well. Continue reading

More Relationship Drama On “Girls”

This week’s episode of “Girls” was heavy.  Hannah got a text message from Adam of his penis.  In her horror she shows the picture to Marnie and Charlie when another text message comes through.  Charlie reads it and it’s from Adam saying “SRY, that was meant for someone else”.  After reading this to Hannah she wants to respond but Marnie advises her against it.

Marnie and Charlie go to bed and instead of Hannah listening to Marnie she sends Adam a picture of her naked.

The next day at work Hannah’s new extremely nice boss comes up behind her and starts massaging her shoulders and touching her breasts.  She is extremely disturbed but doesn’t say anything about it.
Shosh and Jessa are on the way to class and nannying when Shoshannah runs into an old friend from camp.  The two seem interested in one another and begin talking when sparks fly.  Jessa senses the tension and abruptly leaves like she so often does. Continue reading

The Boys Of “South Park” Try Ziplining

On this week’s episode of “South Park” the boys are on a TV show entitled:  I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining, which is a spoof of I Shouldn’t Be Alive.

It was the last day of spring break.  Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Stan decide that they want to do something exciting with their time.  They somehow come up with the idea of ziplining, they think that it will be exciting and “totally badass”, what they don’t know is that it is about to turn into disaster.

After being arriving at the zipline location and getting strapped in and ready to go they realize that they are not simply ziplining by themselves but that they actually have to go with a tour group.  The children struggle to force smiles at stories they don’t want to listen to, it is horrible.  They have to watch safety videos and deal with tourists.  Finally they think that the horrors are over when they realize that they have to take a 45 minute shuttle up to the zipline zone.  The shuttle ends up actually take about an hour longer than anticipated and the whole time the boys are forced to listen to elongated stories that include the term “to make a long story short” every five words.   Continue reading

“New Girl” Offers Loads Of Laughter

The episode starts out with Jess worrying about being at Russell’s house way too much and the imbalance between her and his time spent at one another’s house.  She feels like she is always spending time at Russell’s place while he never spends time at hers.  On another note, Jess encounters another problem which makes her want/need to go home.  She has finally run out of underwear while at her long stay at Russell’s place and needs to go back home to get clean undies.  In the meantime she decides to just wear Russell’s underpants.

Before Jess heads back to the apartment she thinks that perhaps her housemates have missed her due to her long absence.  In reality, though, they have kept themselves quite preoccupied.  Cece was still being continuously hit on by Schmidt with attempt after attempt of debauchery.

The guys have also invented a new game which they have dubbed “True American.”  Hailed as the best drinking game in the world, True American is a true conglomeration of everything that would make a great drinking game. Just a few of the elements include swearing at one another constantly, make-believing they had a molten lava floor, lies, and of course shot-gunning beer after beer and the classic childhood game Candy Land!   Extremely preoccupied, the fellas seem to go on for hours with their drinking game shenanigans Continue reading