“Once Upon A Time” On ABC

The plot thickens while other questions are answered on the latest episode of “Once Upon A Time” on ABC.

Episode 15 of season one shows a very different side to Ruby. While there’s something amiss with David, with black outs and a missing wife, Ruby is finding out she has hidden talents that can be put to good use in the present day.

When Ruby gets tired of Granny’s overbearing ways, she quits the diner and the extra hours that Widow Lucas wants her to work. While at the sheriff’s office, Emma offers Ruby an assistant’s position.

Due to a guilty conscious and worry for his wife, David goes looking for her in the woods. When Emma tells Mary Margaret how bad it looks for David right now, Mary Margaret wants to help and goes to look for Catherine, as well. David and Mary Margaret meet up in the woods, but David isn’t himself. He’s incoherent and seems not to recognize Mary Margaret.

When Mary goes back to the sheriff with this information, concern for David leads Emma to grab Ruby and head to the woods for a search and rescue mission. Ruby takes the lead through the woods, giving voice to her insecurities and doubts about whether or not she will be of any use. But something makes her stop and shush Emma. She announces that she knows where he is, and runs off in that direction. Emma catches up to find Ruby standing over David.

During the flash backs of the show, Ruby is seen meeting Mary Margaret for the first time and the two girls talk about Ruby’s childhood friend, Peter. They decide to follow the tracks led by the wolf, and discover they lead back to Ruby’s window. The girls think it’s Peter. Ruby confronts Peter with this assumption and he agrees to allow Ruby to stand guard while he chains himself to a tree.

The story (and Granny’s secret) unfold as it is discovered that Ruby is the wolf! Unfortunately for Peter, however, the secret was found out too late. Peter becomes the unwitting victim, since he‘s chained to the tree and can‘t escape. Granny and Mary Margaret get there just in time to throw Ruby’s red cloak over her for the change back. Granny tells Mary she paid a wizard for a the cloak and that it prevents Ruby from changing.

In the present day, Emma sends Ruby out on another errand. Ruby is to look for anything out of the ordinary. She finds a newly dug spot on the river bank and begins digging. There she finds an old looking box. Inside she finds what appears to be a human heart.

At first, everyone, including David, is fearful that the heart belongs to Catherine, and that he had done something horrible during one of his blackouts. But the plot only thickens and even more questions are raised when it is revealed that Emma found fingerprints on the inside of the box lid.

When the sheriff runs the prints, she finds they do not belong to David, but Mary Margaret. Mary looks as stunned as everyone else.

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