New Thriller Series on ABC, “Scandal” features Enemy of the State Episode

A sworn enemy of the U.S. is in town for an annual conference as men assigned to protect General Benicio Florez, a South American dictator, show up in Olivia Pope’s office. Someone kidnapped his wife and children. Olivia is the only person who can help him. However, she is not herself right now after she found out Amanda Tanner is pregnant with the president’s baby.

While the general’s son was a witness to the kidnapping, the team believes he is not being honest about the chain of events. Huck tracks them down at a woman’s shelter. His wife wasn’t kidnapped, she ran to escape from the general. Abby does not want to return her to the general because she is scared, so she checks her and the kids into a hotel and keeps the news from Olivia.

Abby is floored when she sees Carolina and the kids in Olivia’s office the next day as Olivia tells the general that the kidnappers much have gotten scared. Abby let’s Olivia know that the general’s wife needs protection from her husband, so Olivia tries to sneak the wife away while the general is occupied. Things get worse as the general catches them, letting his wife leave but keeping the kids. Olivia tries to reason with the general as he takes the children and leaves the country, even though she threatened that his wife would expose him as a tyrant.

Cyrus reveals that the president will offer 10 million to Amanda Tanner to keep quiet and get rid of the baby, but Amanda is not interested. She wants her baby and wants to expose the president. Cyrus has hired a team to dig up dirt on Olivia and her office.  Olivia threatens Cyrus that they are going to Diane Sawyer, acting if she is brave, but is really scared.

After the team prepares Amanda she makes a call and they hear her say she is done and can’t lie anymore. They wonder what she means and who she is talking to.

Quinn and Gideon are seen at the bar, but Harrison advises them against any relationship as there will come a time when she will have to lie and she is horrible at lying. Gideon reveals he has another source so it would not be a conflict of interest. He comes up with some old footage of the president with Amanda.  Gideon asks Quinn if Amanda Tanner was sleeping with the president. The moment to lie has come. Hopefully, Quinn can be convincing with her answer.

Cyrus tells the president that Amanda is with child. He rambles on in a speech and the president is confused as he has never seen Cyrus like this. After Fritz gives a speech at the annual assembly, he tells Cyrus that Olivia is the real problem.

Cyrus informs Olivia that the president is displeased with her, to say the least. Olivia briefs the staff giving them an opportunity to bow out, but no one bites. They are all in when it comes to Amanda Tanner. An intruder enters Amanda’s apartment and covers her mouth with a gloved hand and injects her with a needle between her toes. The intruder carries her limp body out the back door.

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