New Novel By Nick Santora – “Fifteen Digits”

People may not know who Nick Santora is by name, but almost everyone knows his work. Nick Santora is the creator of such hits as “Breakout Kings” on A&E. He also helped write on other hits, including “Prison Break”, “The Sopranos” and “Law & Order”. Santora is now celebrating success in another area. His new novel, “Fifteen Digits” has just arrived in stores. It is the second one Santora has written.

In “Fifteen Digits”, five men are employed by a high-end, well-to-do law corporate law firm. These men are printers for the firm, and as such, have access to very sensitive company documents. These documents include legal secrets. When curiosity and greed get the best of them, these five men enter the world of insider trading, after having read about it in one of the documents they received from a young lawyer.

In the novel, these men set up an offshore account to hide the money they are stealing through insider trading schemes. The story unfolds so that each man is holding on to three digits of the fifteen digit account number, ensuring that no single one of them can run off with the money. All five of these partners in crime have to be present to move the money in any way.

The men continue in their money-making scheme until the mob gets wind of their plan, and decides they want in on it. Also, the authorities begin to suspect foul play.

Early reviews for the novel say that it is explosive and brutal, with a very unexpected ending. Other reviews say that has a “Sopranos” feel to it, and that it is a great summer read.

Nick Santora said he got the idea for the book from his own personal experiences as a corporate lawyer. He said that although lawyers go through a lot of training to ensure there is no violation of confidentiality laws and no insider trading. However, once the documents were drafted for a case, they were taken to people that were hired with a high school education and no training on confidentiality laws or insider trading. These high school graduates would be in charge of copying and collating sensitive documents. Santora said that no one ever said anything about it, or tried to change it.

Santora said he started thinking about it, and wondered what would happen if these guys in the basement realized they had millions of dollars being run through their Xerox machine every day.

Santora is holding a contest to promote his new book. Santora said no purchase is necessary to enter or win the contest. Entrants should look at the five main characters of the book and rank them from most desirable to least desirable in relation to who the reader would want to go on a road trip with. The ranking should include an explanation as to why each character was ranked the way he was. The deadline for entries is May 15, 2012. Winners will be able to hang out with Santora during the filming of the movie.

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