“New Girl” Offers Loads Of Laughter

The episode starts out with Jess worrying about being at Russell’s house way too much and the imbalance between her and his time spent at one another’s house.  She feels like she is always spending time at Russell’s place while he never spends time at hers.  On another note, Jess encounters another problem which makes her want/need to go home.  She has finally run out of underwear while at her long stay at Russell’s place and needs to go back home to get clean undies.  In the meantime she decides to just wear Russell’s underpants.

Before Jess heads back to the apartment she thinks that perhaps her housemates have missed her due to her long absence.  In reality, though, they have kept themselves quite preoccupied.  Cece was still being continuously hit on by Schmidt with attempt after attempt of debauchery.

The guys have also invented a new game which they have dubbed “True American.”  Hailed as the best drinking game in the world, True American is a true conglomeration of everything that would make a great drinking game. Just a few of the elements include swearing at one another constantly, make-believing they had a molten lava floor, lies, and of course shot-gunning beer after beer and the classic childhood game Candy Land!   Extremely preoccupied, the fellas seem to go on for hours with their drinking game shenanigans

Jess began thinking about her relationship with Russell after talking to Cece about it extensively and started worrying about the whole thing. Her and Cece discussed the balance of time shared at one another’s places and they felt like it was necessary that Russell spent at least as much time at the Jess’s flat with the guys as she spent at his place.  This is all despite the fact that Russell’s apartment is massive and he is the only one that lives there and Jess’s place is smaller and she lives with a bundle of guys who always seem to have trouble dealing with Russell when he comes over (for one reason or another).

Mostly because of her roommates, Jess has inhibitions about inviting Russell over, and for good reason.  She makes the guys promise to act respectable when she invites Russell over again.  Of course they all agree at first to curb their usual oddities around him.  When Russell does eventually make it to Jess and the guys’ flat, everything that she wanted to avoid happens, of course.

With Schmidt the awkwardness comes from him trying to constantly one-up Russell with constant assailment on how nice his things and tastes really are as Schmidt is always sizing him up.  Winston appears mad and intimidating, and Nick never fails to appear to seem to like Russell a bit too much with an awkward moment where they are both peeing among others.

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