Mystery, Anger, and Passion Heat up “General Hospital”

This week’s only daytime soap opera is filled with an abundance of emotions as Sam puts pressure on Jason about whether or not he will be able to love the baby she is carrying as his own. Jason is struggling with the idea and can’t commit to that at this point. Since Jason is still having a hard time with it, Sam decides she needs to move out and let Jason have some time to deal with his indecisiveness. As Sam checks into the hotel, she runs into John Mcbain who is unknowingly staying at the same place.

Johnny has a surprise visitor that he was not expecting.  A very emotional Starr Manning shows up at his place demanding to know if he had anything to do with setting Sonny up. While Johnny took an incoming call, Starr took the gun she saw him putting in a box and left.

Connie and Carly get into a knock down drag out in the hotel lobby, right in front of the guests. As they struggle, the content of Connie’s bag is strewn onto the floor, and the fight comes to an end when Carly grabs a paper and sees a part of Kate’s medical file taken from the therapist’s office.  It reveals a mental disorder called “DID.”

Meanwhile, Ronnie is holding Lulu hostage in a room down the hall from McBain and Sam.  Lulu gets McBain’s attention, by turning up the TV while Ronnie was in the shower, but not enough to free her. While McBain is on a call, Sam decides to investigate Ronnie’s room on her own and gets into trouble. Back at the jail where Dante is incarcerated, he talks Delores into letting him out to find Lulu. He and John McBain end up working together.

Starr headed straight for Sonny as her grief over losing her family is overtaking her rational thinking. She takes Sonny out to the spot where Cole and Hope were killed and holds him at gunpoint. Johnny is devastated when he discovers his gun is missing and he knows Starr took it to kill Sonny.

Next Carly shows up at Johnny’s and gives him a stiff knee in the groin area. Johnny gets Carly to hear him out about Kate’s mental state as she begins to connect the events to Kate’s medical file info.

When Dante gets a hit on the location of Lulu’s cell phone, he and McBain head out to find her, but are too late.  Ronnie has moved her and has Sam also. Because of a match book Lulu left in the room, McBain and Dante know where Ronnie took the girls – the Haunted Star.

When Michael shows up at Johnny’s to give him a punch for what he did to Michael’s mother, Johnny lets him know that Starr is still in town, much to his surprise. He also tells him that Starr took his gun and is probably headed for Sonny. Michael comes to Sonny’s rescue as he talks Starr down from shooting his father.

Jason finds Connie attempting to leave the country at the airport, but stops her trying to get answers. As Jason pushes her into a chair, Kate reappears and asks for help in getting to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dante and McBain work together to free Sam and Lulu.  Lulu is freed, but Ronnie takes Sam hostage.  As Sam fakes that she is passing out and drops to the floor, McBain shoots Ronnie. Jason arrives to find Sam being consoled in McBain’s arms.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth is worried about Ewen’s recovery from the blow Connie gave him to the head causing possible permanent damage.

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