More Relationship Drama On “Girls”

This week’s episode of “Girls” was heavy.  Hannah got a text message from Adam of his penis.  In her horror she shows the picture to Marnie and Charlie when another text message comes through.  Charlie reads it and it’s from Adam saying “SRY, that was meant for someone else”.  After reading this to Hannah she wants to respond but Marnie advises her against it.

Marnie and Charlie go to bed and instead of Hannah listening to Marnie she sends Adam a picture of her naked.

The next day at work Hannah’s new extremely nice boss comes up behind her and starts massaging her shoulders and touching her breasts.  She is extremely disturbed but doesn’t say anything about it.
Shosh and Jessa are on the way to class and nannying when Shoshannah runs into an old friend from camp.  The two seem interested in one another and begin talking when sparks fly.  Jessa senses the tension and abruptly leaves like she so often does.

After picking the kids up from school Jessa is headed over to the park and runs into the children’s father.  He is with his brother and they are delighted to see each other.  They leave to head back over to the park and the uncle remarks on how attractive Jessa is to his brother.

Charlie and his bandmate are back at the apartment talking about songs while Charlie is doing yet another sweet task for Marnie.  His friend starts getting nosy and wants to look through the girls’ things since they aren’t home.  While looking through Marnie’s room they find nothing but in Hannah’s room they find her diary.  The friend is reading it when he comes over something disturbing and stops abruptly, queuing Charlie’s interest.

The scene cuts back to Hannah who is in the bathroom with her coworkers.  She asks them if they are also bothered by the bosses inappropriate touching and they say yes but it’s not worth mentioning.
Later that day she shows them the picture that Adam sent her earlier and explains the proceeding text.
They convince Hannah that she should break up with him immediately.Hannah goes over to do the deed but instead ends up professing her like for him and the two make love and reconcile.

Shoshannah is not so lucky.  She has arranged a date with camp boy who is fond of dirty deeds but when she reveals that she is a virgin he bails out on her.

Back at the park Jessa gets passionate talking to the nannies and loses the kids.  She finds them quickly and walks out of the situation only a bit rattled.

All of the girls meet up at a local bar to listen to Charlie and his friend play.  The show is going well until the last song entitled “Hannah’s Diary”  Charlie reads Hannah’s diary aloud and Marnie’s feelings of disaffection and lack of interest in Charlie’s sweet nature are revealed.  He storms off the stage, and she storms after him but not before throwing a drink on Hannah.

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