“Mob Wives” Reunion Show

On the second half of the Mob Wives Reunion no one was killed or hurt, which is always a plus.  The second half of the recap began with absolute chaos though.

Drita and Ramona were going at it.  They were in mid argument and Drita leaves the set.  Joy didn’t even get up to go after her, she just let it all happen…smart.

She finally came back but the women were giving one another dirty promises and it is speculated that they even threatened to kick each other’s butts.

When Joy regains control, thanks to Renee and Karen, she readdresses the problems between Ramona and Drita and the women are able to discuss it without raising their voices too much.

Joy then moves on to the conflict between Karen and Drita.  While they claim that they are in a peaceful place Joy is not buying it.  She speculates that once the rumor mill starts churning in Staten Island the women will be at each other’s throats once again.  They assure her that they have worked out to talk to one another directly before believing what others say.

Next Joe and Dave are brought in to talk about what it was like seeing their women in prison and afterwards.

Joe admits that the show was not as bad as he thought it would be and is a hit in jail.  He also says however that he was not a fan of the ladies’ behavior and language at times.

When asked if he and Carla are still dating and what their relationship is exactly he said that they are the best of friends.  Everyone thinks they will get back together but Joy isn’t so sure that a cheater can ever change.

Dave and Karen seem to have a lot going on in the bed, but nowhere else.  He states that he has every intention of remaining in Arizona but Karen is adamant about staying in New York, where their little Karina is going to stay is still up in the air.

Drita admits her love for Lee as well as her intentions to get back together with him after he gets out of prison.

One is left to wonder how the lack of father figures, the high presence of puppies and the bad records of the actual Mob Wives has affected their children.

Big Ang, Karen, Drita, Renee, Carla and Ramona say that being in jail means that someone has made a bad decision but it doesn’t make them a bad person.  And as far as their behavior goes, they claim to act completely different in front of their kids.

Drita admits that she never did read Karen’s book.  And when the conflict between her and Ramona is brought back up Ramona claims that she tried to have her blocked from the show creating bad blood.  Drita claims no such thing happened.

As time comes to an end it appears that everyone may still be a little bit heated but at least they are still alive.

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