Lindsey Lohan To Play Elizabeth Taylor

When Lohan got her release from supervised probation, she made it very clear that she was ready for a fresh new start and the quick return to acting. She also made it clear that she was going to try for the role of Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s made-for-TV movie, “Liz and Dick”. It looks like she got her wish, because the child star has been chosen for the role.

Lifetime is known for its targeting towards female audiences. Since Elizabeth Taylor was a role model for hundreds of women of that era, this movie will, again, speak to the hearts and minds of females.

As for her heart and mind where Taylor is concerned, Lohan stated that she has always had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She went on to say she felt that Taylor was not only an incredible actress, but an amazing woman. Lohan said she is very honored to have been accepted to play the role of one of her idols. The movie will show the life and love affair of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, as stormy and legendary as it was.

There have been rumors of Lohan’s suggested involvement in the making of the movie since January of 2012. The movie, itself, has been in discussion and development with the network since May of 2011. It was written by Christopher Monger, who has won the Emmy for his work on “Temple Grandin”.

Rob Sharenow is the Executive Vice President of Programming for Lifetime. He said that the network is thrilled to have the acting talents of Lohan for “Liz and Dick”. He also said that Elizabeth Taylor is a beloved Hollywood legend. He went on to say Lohan is one of the rare actresses that can act, with beauty and the intrigue it takes to capture the essence of such a provocative icon.

This casting represents the new beginning Lohan wanted. While she did not garner a lot of good publicity with her recent roles in Saturday Night Live, the network, Lifetime, and Lindsay Lohan both seem to have more confidence in her newest casting. Critics felt that her performances on SNL were a little too stilted and fake. She was criticized for her need for the cue cards, and what they called the limited range of her acting ability. The role she played poked fun at her past.

Production for this movie will begin in the first half of June, 2012, in Los Angeles.

Lohan is also scheduled to appear as a guest on an upcoming episode of “Glee” on FOX. Lohan will play a judge at the National competition on the show. The one she will judge is a scripted, enhanced version of herself. “Glee” has become known for its guest stars as well as its scripts. Lohan is the latest guest in a long line of stars that have appeared on the show. Other guest star appearences have included Ricky Martin, Idina Menzel, Whoopi Goldberg, Matt Bomer, Jeff Goldblum, Nene Leakes and more.

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