“Last Man Standing” in The Spotlight

In this week’s episode of The Spotlight, Vanessa has just been nominated for an award that honors the Volunteer Parent of the Year, an annual award at Eve’s school.  Since the principal told her she should prepare a few words, it must mean that she is going to win.

Presently, Vanessa is getting some sun but her relaxation is interrupted as Mike tells her that famous football star, Peyton Manning, came in to the Outdoor Man.

Vanessa is getting nervous about her award at the school when she finds out that another woman’s husband who owns a landscaping company has donated new sod to upgrade the baseball field. She is just sure she is in jeopardy now that politics has come into play. Mike comes up with the idea of helping out the school as he donates an impressive new scoreboard from the Outdoor Man that the whole community is talking about. Now Vanessa is afraid that everybody will think she is trying to buy her way into winning the award.

Mandy has a talk with her dad to let him know that she thinks he sometimes goes overboard to be in the spotlight, but Mike denies that he does such a thing. He believes that the opportunities present themselves to him and he just capitalizes on them. Meanwhile, Eve is all uptight about how she will fit into high school as she prepares to attend an orientation event. She dresses up really nice in a new dress.  Vanessa gives her daughter a few words of encouragement before she sends her off to the event.

When Vanessa finds out that the emcee that is supposed to head up the auction and award ceremony is sick, she asks Mike if he will step in to do the job. The attendees love him and he is fantastic at getting the crowd involved as well as getting them to turn loose of their money. However, Mike did not intend for Vanessa to be one of the bidders, but after she finds out that she was awarded the “Parent of the Year” title, she was overly excited and bid $2,500 on a quilt.

Back at the orientation event, Eve is having the time of her life. This makes Vanessa have melancholy feelings even though she was on cloud nine after getting her award at the auction. She’s upset over her youngest child starting high school and is having a hard time learning to deal with the fact.  Mike let’s her know that it will all be okay and he will be right there with her to help her through, although he is not really sure how to make her feel better.  Maybe he can tuck her into bed with her newly purchased $2500 quilt from the auction.

Meanwhile, Ed has come up with an idea to make an action figure of Mike and cuts a deal with a company in China to manufacture them. Unfortunately, Ed is not very good with the language so he orders 5,000 bobbleheads instead of action figures. If that wasn’t enough, when they arrive, he sees that they say “Backdoor Man” on the back instead of Outdoor Man. OOPS!

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