Kardashian Family Offers Vague Comments on Kim and Kanye’s Relationship

It’s obvious the Kardashians are sticking together as they dodge the rumor mill and try to squelch the rumors of Kim and Kanye West being an item so soon after the breakup of Kris Humphries and Kim. It’s already been revealed in interviews that Khloe thinks Kim and Kanye are cute together, and all Kourtney would say is “Who knows?” So you see there is no denying it, but there are also no affirmations to the contrary.

As far as finding out what Kim’s mom and Bruce think about it, Kris shared some comments on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, but they were no more informative than what is already known. Kim’s mom dodged the gossip bullet by saying Kanye has been a long time friend of the family and she loves him dearly. She went a step further to explain that she doesn’t try to make judgments about the people the girls have relationships with as she doesn’t want to get herself in trouble, and reiterates earlier comments that she is usually the last to know when it comes to her girls’ love lives.

Bruce, on the other hand, gave a motivational speech to some college kids at Northwestern University in Boston last week, and his remarks weren’t as positive as those of his wife. He admitted that he and Kim have had a conversation about a potential relationship, but said he was not that excited about the situation as the subject came up. Some of the students tried to analyze Bruce’s comments as they say he gave the impression he was not happy about the idea of the two hooking up, and although he would not confirm or deny it, his comments gave them the feeling that the two were together.

During a stint on NBC’s “Today” show this week, Kim would only say that no one knows what the future holds. So are they or aren’t they together? If not, they sure have been spending a lot of time together over the last few days and rumors are numerous that the two are now a couple. When Kim showed up as a guest on “Today,” the subject certainly came up, but again she dodged the obvious by saying she understands they have to ask, but still claims she and Kanye have been friends for a very long time.

As far as the questions about what is going on with Kim and Kris Humphries’ she would only say they are still proceeding through the divorce, and she is not at liberty to talk about that out of respect for him. She said she is ready to get on with her life and she tries not to talk about Kris.

West’s hot debut hit the charts on Hot 97 Wednesday and then Universal blocked the track due to copyright reasons because they say it was an unauthorized release. It appears he admits falling in love with Kim around the time that she and Humphries hooked up, but says he was cool with that. Now that Kris is out of the way, is West making his moves on Kim again? Well see.

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