Judges Axed From “America’s Next Top Model”

Loyal followers of CW’s “America’s Next Top Model” were surprised to find out that some of the fan favorites would not be on the show next season.

Nigel Barker, judge for the show, J. Alexander, model coach and Jay Manuel, creative director, will all be replaced in the coming season. Not only were fans a little sad to see such long-time members of the show go, but Tyra Banks was, as well.

Tyra Banks is the executive producer and the host for the hit series. As her position dictates, she has to make the hard decisions, sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean she has to like it. In a recent interview, Ms. Banks talked about the decision to let these people go.

Banks stated that the decision to fire Barker, Alexander and Manuel was very difficult. She said it was done because she felt like the show needed something new, like a new boost. She also said there are a lot of people that are involved in the decision-making process. She also said she still loves them, and that they are her guys. She went on to explain the close ties were a result of them being with her since the beginning of the show.

However, there may be good news for the future employment statuses of Barker, Alexander and Manuel, because Banks also revealed that she and Ken Mok have other projects that they are developing. She said they are a family and that it doesn’t end.

In an official statement released by Tyra Banks and her partner, Ken Mok, they stated that the three they let go were integral parts of the show. They said that Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander are an important part of the “America’s Next Top Model” brand. Furthermore, they stated that these three had helped them turn the show into the household staple it is today. The statement also said that Barker, Alexander and Manuel will always be a part of the Top Model family, and that Mok and Banks would continue to work with each of them on future projects.

Nigel Barker was interviewed after the news of his firing reached the press. In the interview, Barker said that he was not shocked by his getting fired. He explained that he has avoided other probable cuts before this one. Due to the lower ratings the show has been garnering lately, Barker feels the decision came more from the network.

The news of the release from employment for Barker, Manuel and Alexander was confirmed on Twitter and through the joint statement released by Banks and her partner, Mok.

A future project that Tyra Banks fans may be able to look forward to may be a movie. It has been noted that Banks wants to take the book “Modelland” and make it into a movie.

“America’s Next Top Model” was an instant success when it hit cable TV in 2003. On its next episode, the aspiring top models will wear gowns by Francis Libiran, the Filipino fashion designer.

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