It’s All About the Money This week on “Cougar Town”

As the episode begins, viewers find that Jules has a bad habit of getting all her friends into therapy if they do something that she doesn’t like. This week reveals such an occurrence as Grayson has to defend himself for offering their money to help out with baby Tampa (Jill). It was his thought that they would combine their finances.  As they attend the therapy session, the therapist agrees that this should be the case.

Jules was okay with that at first and then changed her mind since she has a low cash flow at work lately and takes money out of the Grayson’s cash register to pay Laurie. Well, they are supposed to be sharing finances. Andy helps with breaking down the money as Jules needs to let Laurie go to make a profit. Jules believes all their money problems will be resolved when she and Grayson move in together.  However, deciding who will give up their home may not be so easy.

In order to help them make a decision, the two decide to solicit advise from all of their friends as to who should give up their home. Since they got nowhere that way, they decide to go back to therapy for help. Grayson already feels like he is the giver in the relationship and makes all the sacrifices so he is not going to give up his house.  Jules is not giving up her house either.  Looks like this therapy is working great!

The show continues with Ellie figuring out that Andy doesn’t ever pull any pranks on Bobby. She thinks it may be because he realizes his best friend can’t handle it. This pretty much forces Andy’s hand as he gives Bobby a water bottle and tells him it is self-filling if left in the sun. While Andy feels guilty, he lets Bobby go hiking without water and confesses his indiscretion to Bobby just before they wheel him away in an ambulance for dehydration. Bobby simply thanks Andy for liking him enough to play jokes on him.

Meanwhile, Laurie has her own life philosophy and believes that nothing will workout unless you put one hundred percent into it. The problem is, she never practices her own beliefs.  While Laurie’s “Krazy Kakes” business is really going well, Laure still has to work at her real job with Jules so she talks all the people that hang out around the coffee shop into delivering her cakes for her. Travis is amazed at how she is able to get people to work for her for nothing.

Jules calls Lynn over to her house right after a long-awaited sexual session with Grayson. The therapist comes up with the idea that the two of them should let all their hard decisions fester without dealing with them until the last moment (that sounds like a really explosive idea). Since they don’t have to decide which house to give up at this moment, they like that idea, especially since they have to deal with the issues of the business. While Jules and Laurie realize that they can no longer work together, they also don’t have to work apart. Laurie thinks the unoccupied side of the big real estate office is a perfect place to sell her “Krazy Kakes.”

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