E! News Update

This week on E! News Justin Bieber is being charged with misdemeanor battery for laying his hands and possibly his shoe on a photographer.

The story reports that Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez were trying to enjoy a relaxing Memorial Day when a paparazzi photographer blocked his vehicle in causing Justin to get out of the car and get heated.  Bystanders reported that The Biebs pushed the photographer against a car and assaulted him. The police were not able to get in contact with Justin because he quickly left the country for a tour.

In other news  Gordon Ramsey got hurt after being elbowed in the back during a soccer tournament for charity.  Some of the other players were Will Ferrell, Gerard Butler, and James Mcavoy.

In the top five spots for successful movies “Men In Black” came in first with nearly 70 million dollars.  At a close second is “The Avengers” then “Battleship” followed by “The Dictator” and in last place was “Dark Shadows”.

Guiliana Rancic interviewed a very nervous looking Kristen Stewart about her role in Snow White and the Huntsman.  She admits punching her costar in the face by accident and also how wonderful it was working with Charlize Theron.

Rihanna has been reported dating NBA star J.R. Smith.

In the True or False section of E! News it is reported false that Kim Kardashian had an airport debacle but rather an airline mishap.  The actual airline apparently stole or lost some of her personal belongings.  Also, Prince William admits to missing his mother to the point that he was almost in tears at his royal wedding.

In other news Beyonce admits how she lost 60 pounds to get her body back to being its normal fabulous self.  She says that she worked out immensely and ate nothing but lettuce for a long time.  Jennifer Lopez also displayed her bangin’ bod in Las Vegas with ex, Mark Anthony.  E! did a pole on who has the hottest body between her and Beyonce and JLo won by a hair.

Misty-May was interviewed about her next and last Olympic appearance and the hit band “No Doubt” is being brought back together to perform.

Nikki Reed and her American Idol husband are singing together again.

Alicia is taken to New York’s Steiner Studios to learn how to break into the showbiz business.

Reese Witherspoon shows off her curvaceous pregnant body and Giuliana gets a phone call from her surrogate and they find out that they will soon have a little baby of their own.

Nicole Kidman talks about her doubts with Keith Urban and Robert Pattinson talks about his insecurities with Kristin Stewart’s success.  He had to watch his film in a crowded theatre with Kristen Stewart and found out that her movie made the Cannes cut before his did causing a little bit of jealousy.

All in all, between the natural beauties of Hollywood like Julianna Margulies and Nicole Kidman and the fashion “yeses” and “no’s” it looks like everything is normal in Hollywood.

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