Does Your Dog Enjoy Watching TV?

Instead of putting out the sometimes expensive weekly rate charged by doggie daycares, some owners opted to let their dogs stay home and watch TV. There are some owners that did this before. However, this practice can have more significance now, since dogs have their own channel.

Doggie TV has been hailed as a success by dog owners and critics, alike. This specialty channel offers such amenities as muted colors, altered sounds and a blend of music that was especially written for dogs.

Owners simply have to access this content through their On Demand services, and leave the house. Then, for the next eight hours, their four legged children have the option of snoozing or watching programming that was especially made for them.

The camera angels used for Doggie TV content was low and long. For example, if the scene shows a dog chasing and catching a Frisbee, it’s done from right above ground level, or what’s known as a dog’s angel. The camera men that have helped work on this programming have had to get on their knees for the right vantage point.

In years past, pet owners that owned analog TV sets left their dogs with only a flickering screen to watch, since dogs can not see the way humans due. Another practice was to leave the radio on, but the music that humans listen to is not necessarily appealing to canines.

Dr. Nick Dodman is the director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. This clinic is in the Department of Clinical Sciences for Tuft University in Massachesetts.

Dodman explained that newer technology, such as flat-screen, digital TVs, HD cameras and other advances have allowed dogs to see digital images differently. While it is not known whether or not dogs can recognize specific objects on screen, they have made it plain that they can recognize other dogs.

This newer technology also enhances sounds for dogs, so they can now enjoy music that was especially designed for them. In design, this music has had all of the extremely high pitches removed, since these noises are annoying and irritating to dogs.

Further studies into canine programming and behavior have shown that if puppies are presented with specialized programming, such as content containing other dogs, it can act as a form of socialization. It can also help serve to expose young dogs to sights and sounds they will see in the real world, such as babies, doorbells, traffic or other animals.

In addition to dogs and music, Doggie TV also offers dog lullabies. Based on a dog’s sleeping pattern, Doggie TV offers alternating footage and soundtracks that offer stimulation, exposure and relaxation over the course of an eight hour period.

An interesting side note for the channel has been the pet owner feedback. While Doggie TV has gotten good reports from the dog owners, many of them also say their cats love the channel, as well. However, it’s been made clear that Doggie TV is strictly for the canines.

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