“Dance Moms Miami” Offers Lots Of Drama

This week’s episode of “Dance Moms Miami” is just as crazy as last week’s episode.  While the original Dance Moms was extremely entertaining this new and improved season is just that.  The poor dance teachers seem so much more normal while the Moms appear to be getting crazier and crazier.

The show came on and the dancing rank goes up!  Lucas and his Mother were thrilled this week when the adorable little Justin Beiber Situation dance protégée got placed at the top of the list.  Most likely this was because he did not drop Kimmy in their dance solo from last week.  Kimmy was also praised with a second place spot, even though her Mother thought that she and Lucas should have tied.

Sammy achieved third place and Hannah fourth putting Jessi in last place.  While Hannah was still low Victor and Angel had noticed improvement and that was enough to make her happy.  Susan however could not say the same, she was furious with Jessi’s ranking and could not understand why Jessi would be at the top one week and at the bottom the next.  Victor said that it was due to her lack of good sportsmanship at the competition when she snatched the trophy out of Hannah’s hands.  Susan’s defense for her 14 year old daughter was that Hannah would not hand over the trophy when Jessie asked for it.  Debi and Susan then get into a fit and Susan calls Jessi outside.

Susan tells Jessi to go back in and apologize to the studio and the dancers.  While Jessi does this Angel is not satisfied and Jessi breaks down only for Victor to comfort her and Angel to feel more resentment.

The dancing finally begins and Hannah scores her own solo, as do Sammy and Lucas.  All of the performances will be performed at a competition in Beverly Hills so the pressure is on.  There is also an additional group dance in which Lucas is the star.

Hannah practices and does well under Angel’s choreography, however not all of the practices are going as smoothly.  Angel is dissatisfied by the group practices as well as Victor’s choreography of Sammy but Victor is stubborn about what he wants.

In the meantime, Debi’s eldest daughter Abby comes home from college and the two women talk badly about Sammy and her Mother joining the same dance studio, it is hard to differentiate the children from the adults.

At the actual competition however all of the children deliver their best performances.  Hannah scores just six points shy of a perfect score landing her in fourth place.  Lucas’ act goes off without a hitch and the judges love him putting him in second and Sammy starts out nervous but wins first with a stunning performance.  The group wins first and although Jessi did not receive the solo that Mayra and Susan wanted so badly for her she still got the trophy in the end…once again.

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