Compare DISH Network Packages

DISH Network needs no introduction. As a satellite television provider, the company has built a strong reputation over the years and has firmed up its position as one of the best in the industry. Everybody loves options and DISH gives you some seriously good ones and a lot of them. On the top of it, you can enjoy all the entertainment at your disposal anywhere you want.

Whether you are at home or out and about, you can enjoy the amazing entertainment offered by the DISH Network no matter where you are. The award-winning Hopper DVR and the popular PrimeTime Anytime will also be at your disposal, once you get this connection. So, no matter what hours you work, what shows you love, and how many different channels they are aired on, the DISH Network has you completely sorted.

DISH Network arms its customers with the latest technology in entertainment, so that they never have to feel bored for even a moment in the entire day. The Hopper DVR, which comes as part of the DISH Network service, is a great product. The product has set an industry standard and has been decorated with many awards. This says a lot about the quality and vision with which the product has been designed. You get as much as 2 TB space with Hopper. Now, you never have to delete any of your favorite shows without watching them. If you have a family that does not share your interests in entertainment, then Super Joey is a good DVR to opt for.

This super DVR allows you to record shows from as many as eight channels simultaneously. No family feud can now arise because of the TV in your house anymore. Instead, everyone can now save whatever they want with Super Joey, and enjoy them whenever they want. Wait, DISH is not done yet. After Hopper and Super Joey, the company brought Wireless Joey to the market. With this new addition to your living room, you will get all the benefits of a DISH DVR, but without the hassle of drilling unseemly holes into your walls. When you get a DISH DVR, do not forget to inquire about the free access to Sling that comes with it. Not only this, Hopper also makes it possible for you to listen to music on Sirius XM and Pandora.


Get DISH Anywhere app to watch all the shows on the go on any device. You do not need to be home for DISH to take care of you. Moreover, with this app, you also get access to the Hopper. So, you can also enjoy the shows recorded on the DVR.

There’s more! You do not always need a Wi-Fi connection to access your favorite shows. How? Just download the shows you want to watch from the DVR to the device of your choice and you are good to go. Watch shows that you have stored in the DVR even without any kind of internet connection.

Once you have DISH Network TV, you can be assured that you are receiving the absolute best in satellite technology. In fact, DISH is the first company to bring a satellite receiver in the market. The built-in Wi-Fi in the DISH hardware makes it a breeze to connect and allows the users a hassle-free experience. All the entertainment is brought right into your homes. Enjoy all this entertainment silently, without disturbing the other members of the family, by connecting wireless headphones. This is a great solution for people working odd office hours or who want to watch some shows alone. Nobody gets disturbed and you get entertainment as usual. This is just perfect!

DISH is an awesome service and takes complete care that its customers get maximum value for their money. If you have a low budget, DISH has a plan for that budget; if you want kids’ programming, DISH has a plan with kids’ programming; if you are a movie buff, DISH Network has a plan loaded with movie channels. Whatever your typical entertainment needs be, DISH has a plan for it.

Sports fans find it especially difficult to find a service that offers them a pocket friendly package. This is why DISH has created affordable plans consisting of ample sports programming for the fans. Whether you want to watch ESPN, SEC Network, Texas Longhorn Network, or anything else, from college sports to international sporting events, you will find everything you need with a DISH plan. Then, there is the unique Game Finder feature. It sends you notifications for the upcoming games and also lets you find out any sporting event you may like. You can call to check out the best offers on sports packages in your local area.

DISH Network packages have been created keeping in mind the preferences of customers observed over the years. If you have a look at the DISH bundles, you will realize that a lower package does not compromise on the quality of entertainment offered, but only the variety of options. Here are the packages on offer.


1. America’s Top 120 Plus

190 entertainment channels will be ready to serve you, if you opt for this package. The lowest pack available with DISH, this comes with a price lock guarantee of two years, during which time it will only cost $49.99 per month. A Hopper Smart DVR is also available with this pack at a monthly rental of $10. You get over 6,500 on-demand videos, and more than 70 music channels. This pack also brings to you 6 month free subscription to the DISH Protection Plan and 3-month free access to 50 premium movie channels.

2. America’s Top 200

This one offers over 240 channels, along with NBA TV, NFL Network, and the MLB Network. Of course this pack also comes with a 2-year price lock, during which time it will be available at just $64.99 per month.

3. America’s Top 250

The 290+ channels that come with this package include all the programming of the lower packages apart from the 17 movie channels, SEC Network, and others. This pack costs $74.99 and also comes with a 24-month price guarantee.

4. America’s Top 120

This pack offers exactly what America’s 120 Plus plan does and costs only $29.95 a month. The only difference is that this one comes with only a 12-month price lock. This pack is the cheapest of all DISH plans.

5. America’s Top 200

This is another plan that costs $34.99 per month for the first year of the plan. It offers over 240 channels at that price. After the offer period, regular rate of $64.99 will come into effect.

6. America’s Top 250

Again a one-year savings plan, this offers you 290+ channels at a discounted rate of $49.99 per month for the first year, the regular rate for which is $89.99.

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