Charlie Sheen Is Back With A New Show!

Most can remember Charlie Sheen’s fall from grace in Hollywood, culminating in his termination and the early release from his acting role on “Two And A Half Men”. He was replaced on the show by Ashton Kutcher in March 2011.

The series of events that led to his termination spanned a fourth month length of time. Sheen was reported as having been seen using cocaine, not carrying out his responsibilities on the sitcom “Two And A Half Men”, ranting in the media about the show and its producers, being “difficult” to work with on the show, trashing his hotel room at the Plaza, and skirting around going to rehab. In a dismissal letter from Warner Bros. to Sheen’s lawyer, the studio went so far as to say Sheen’s behavior was self-destructive, and the studio would not continue to do business with Mr. Sheen while he destroyed himself. In defense of the allegations of drug abuse, Sheen reportedly took two drugs tests a week to prove that he was not doing cocaine.

That was a little over a year ago. Recently, it was announced that Sheen is making a comeback with an appearance in two commercials and the leading role in a new TV show.

The TV commercials, one for DirecTV and the other for Fiat, both show Sheen as the personality he is most commonly known for- the “bad boy”. In the DirecTV commercial, warnings are given about sticking with cable, and how it results in meeting Charlie Sheen and reenacting scenes from “Platoon”. Charlie Sheen is shown wearing war paint and aiming a loaded crossbow at the poor, unsuspecting cable customer.

In the commercial for Fiat, Sheen is on house arrest. His “house” is a mansion that he is driving the Abarth by Fiat through. The camera zooms in on the house arrest ankle monitor on his left ankle when he steps out of the Abarth. His audience is mostly made up of beautiful women applauding his driving skill. At the end of the commercial, he asks one exotic beauty what he gets for good behavior. The end of the commercial makes the statement that not all bad boys are created equal.

The new program Sheen is to star in is called “Anger Management”, which is based around the movie “Anger Management” from 2003. The show stars a character that has a broken past, due to anger management issues. After he undergoes therapy himself, he becomes a therapist that thinks outside the box for treating his patients in anger management therapy.

The show will premier on FX on June 28, 2012. When questioned about the risk factor in hiring Charlie Sheen, John Landgraf, president of FX, simply stated that the FX network was one that likes taking risks.

At this point, the show is only slated for ten episodes. However, if Sheen continues on his best behavior, the show could go straight through to 100 episodes. Either way, Sheen fans get to see their favorite bad boy on TV, again. This time, his role and character hit a little closer to home.

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