IS HBO Go Right For You?

If you are already subscribed to HBO you can get HBO Go free of charge. This online service allows you to watch HBO programs on a number of your devices, including your computer, Samsung smart TV, iPhone, iPad, Roku Player, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, or Android. HBO encompasses more than 1,400 of HBO programming.


With HBO Go you get unlimited access to a plethora of HBO movies and TV shows like comedy specials, sports, documentaries, and HBO original programming. You can even go behind-the-scenes and use other special features with HBO Go. You don’t have to miss out on anything that HBO offers with HBO Go, because you can take your TV with you on your phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, or computer whenever you leave the house. You never have to be a moment without entertainment again because everything you want will be right there in your pocket or the palm of your hand.

HBO Go allows you to personalize a custom Watchlist, allowing you an easier and more pleasant experience when organizing and watching your favorite TV programs. With the Series Pass option you can get new episodes sent right over to your Watchlist automatically. These features give you even more personal control over your entertainment and viewing experience. It is easier than ever with HBO Go to be as close to the entertainment as you want. HBO Go also has parental controls so that you can keep your family safe from mature content and you don’t have to worry about your children using HBO Go either.

Before you can get HBO Go you need to have a subscription to HBO and at least one of the devices mentioned above. If you are using an iPhone, Android, iPad, Computer, iPod Touch, or iPhone it must meet minimum system requirements. If you are using an Xbox it must have an Xbox LIVE Gold membership. Using the Roku Player, Samsung Smart TV, or Xbox 360, you must also have some other way to access the Internet.


Amazon gives HBO Go 3.7 out of 5 stars, and CNET gives it an editor’s rating of 4 stars and a user rating of 2 stars. Overall CNET gives HBO Go 8.4 out of 10. The biggest downside about HBO Go is it is only available for a limited audience. Only those who are already signed up with HBO cable can use the app, so HBO Go isn’t really for people outside of that circle—unless you want to switch cable services and choose HBO, but many people would rather not do that. If you already have HBO then HBO Go is perfect and ideal. It is completely cost-free and you get a great app which really gives you a lot more control over your entertainment options.

HBO Go comes with a few other unfortunate limitations as well. HBO Go is limited to TV shows and movies that are specific to HBO, so there is a finite vault of resources which Netflix and Hulu Plus do have. It has also been said that HBO Go offers somewhat poor video quality. In general, however, if you already have HBO then HBO Go is definitely worthwhile—and it’s free anyway.

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14 Things You Didn’t Know About Doctor Who

11th doctor

Doctor Who has long been a staple in the lineup of Sci-Fi shows, with its original start in the 60s and a reboot in the early 2000s, there’s no doubt that Doctor Who has gained a massive following of fans around the world. The British television show has proven to be a hit series over and over again, and with yet another new doctor jumping on board to play the role, there seems to be no end in sight for this television show! But, even if you’re a diehard Doctor Who fan, there’s a good chance you didn’t catch any of these things throughout the newest series:

    1. Matt Smith is often seen wearing a tweed jacket throughout his part on the show, but surprisingly, the jacket isn’t part of the costume selection: it’s from his own wardrobe.
    2. In the early years of Doctor Who, there was a lot of excitement revolving around the series and the producers were worried about the possibility of television pirates stealing the tapes as they were being transported. To disguise them, one person on the crew had the idea of labeling them “Torchwood” instead of “Doctor Who.” Writer Russell T. Davies ended up liking the codename so much that he later created a series with the same name in 2006.dr-who-image1


  1. David Tennant is considered to be the best doctor in the new series, and when his time on the show came to an end, the producers and network actually considered ending the show permanently right there, as they were worried no other actor would compare with his performance.
  2. When first asked to play the doctor, David Tennant was extremely excited, and multiple people from the crew said that his first request was to have a “long swishy coat.”
  3. John Hurt now holds the record as the oldest actor to take the role of the doctor.
  4. John Hurt is the first actor of the new series who was born before the original series ever premiered.
  5. It’s now happened twice that an actor has appeared in the series prior to becoming the doctor. Both Peter Capaldi and Colin Baker had small parts in the series before later coming back and being cast as the doctor.
  6. Building on the last one, Capaldi’s first appearance before becoming the doctor was actually in an episode where Karen Gillan also made a minor appearance (Karen later came back as one of the doctor’s companions).
  7. All of the episodes interconnect, including those from the new and old series. Eagle-eyed fans who have watched all of the episodes will  be able to find hundreds of references, inside jokes, and foreshadowing of plots that will happen years (or even decades) in the future. In fact, Russell T. Davies gave a great example for this when he stated that the Time War which has now become a big part of the new series actually originated in a 1975 episode.

10. Despite number nine, when the show was revived writers said they were fearful of boring or confusing the audience during the first season and kept references to a bare minimum. In fact, despite the nature of Doctor Who that traditionally took the cast across the universe, it wasn’t until the second season of the revival that they actually left Earth.dr-who-image-who

11. Hugh Grant was actually offered the role of the doctor, but turned it down as he didn’t know whether or not the series would take off. A few years ago, he publicly expressed his regret for not joining the show, but he did get the chance to play the doctor in a comedy sketch on Comic Relief.

12. It was revealed that the 45 minute episodes to air usually take three weeks to shoot. Those that last an hour for specials, such as the Christmas episodes, can take over a month.

13. Even though a lot of the show is set in London, most of the filming is done in Wales and other places. When the doctor and his companions travel through time, the crew always takes into account the buildings that would and would not have shown up in that time period.

14. Three weeks before the first episode of the revival aired, an unnamed employee who had access to the tapes leaked the first episode online. While he was terminated, there was only one difference between the version that was leaked and the one that aired, with that difference being the theme song (in the leaked version, it was a remix of the original). Just hop over here to find out how to access Dr Who and other great entertainment with Comcast Cable TV Packages.

Things you Didn’t Know about Murder in the First

Murder in the first

Murder in the First is an American detective drama television series that airs on TNT. The series was created by Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal. The show originally ran for ten episodes, and was later renewed by TNT in September of last year for another 10-episode season. The show stars Taye Diggs, Kathleen Robertson and Tom Felton, all accomplished actors capable of putting on a stunning performance.

The story focuses primarily on the lives of Terry English and Hildy Mulligan, each of whom battles with their own personal issues at home, as well as their challenging duty as homicide detectives. What originally appears to be two separate and unrelated murders quickly bring the detectives to Erich Blunt, a young Silicon Valley prodigy whom the victims both knew.

Murder In The First has received generally positive reviews. On Metacritic, the overall score was 68 out of a possible 100, based on 20 generally favorable reviews. Similarly, on the website Rotten Tomatoes, Murder in the First received a 73% Certified Fresh rating, based on an average of 6.8 out of 10 over 22 reviews. The consensus of the show was that “Murder in the First fits happily into the over-arcing [sic] season-long murder mystery mold, offering pleasurably typical twists and natural, attention-grabbing characters.”


Despite the show being a re-make of Steven Bochco’s 1995 Murder One series, Murder in the First still manages to have a new spin on an often-used model. The show demands respect, mostly due to the show’s leads, Diggs and Robertson, who command an air of superiority and bring a superb sheen to evening television.

The reboot and the original, while having comparable similarities that ultimately serve to link them together, are two very different shows, each deserving of their own criticisms and praise. Murder One followed behind a dictatorial lawyer, detached from the audience and hard to sympathize with, as compared to the reboot’s primary cast, which has a devoted husband traumatized by his wife’s inevitable death by cancer, and a single mother who adores her child. Even if the set-up of season one mimics the story line of Murder One, there’s no denying that the new characters are in leagues of their own.


Murder in the First has been praised for its well-paced series, as well as its compelling story line that focuses not only on the hardships of being a homicide detective, but also the personal qualms that often go unnoticed in other television series. This ability to balance between professional and personal life is key to bringing to life characters that might otherwise seem bland or one-sided. As such, this is not the case for Murder in the First, which masterfully blends together the troubles of being subjected to grisly murders as a detective, and the hardships that one similarly faces at home, oftentimes equally as grisly in its own light.

Murder in the First is scheduled to return sometimes during 2015, according to TNT. Find other TV & internet entertainment options at

3 Ways the Production of Marley & Me Kept Its Animal Actors Happy


Animal consultants, such as the Humane Society, are brought into the production process for films where live animals will be used. Marley and Me (2008), which tells the story of an energetic and willful dog, used several dozen dogs—including 22 Labrador retrievers as the titular ‘Marley’—during its filming process. Every moment of filming with the dogs was both carefully supervised to ensure no harm would come to the animals. The following are three ways that the film’s producers made sure that their animal stars were kept safe and happy on set.

The dogs were given proper introductions
Dogs will typically behave differently–and sometimes nervously–around people or other dogs that they have not met before. The producers of the film, in accordance with the animal consultants they hired to overview the production, made sure that every person involved in filming (from the actors down to the sound crew) was properly introduced to every dog used in the scene. This was to make sure that the dog felt secure on set and did not become nervous. Any time more than one dog was going to be near one another, such as the obedience training scene or during scenes where “Marleys” would need to be switched out, the dogs were given time to become comfortable with each other before cameras rolled.


Baby food was used to encourage licking
There are many scenes in the film where both the young and adult Marley lick things—including people, furniture, and other objects. Baby food that was approved as safe for dogs by the animal consultation team was put on the people and objects prior to filming these shots in order to get the dogs to lick on cue.

Puppies were given special care
Puppies can be fragile, and it’s important that they are not made to do anything that could be physically exhausting or strenuous to their bodies. The puppies used in Marley & Me were treated gently to make sure that they did not hurt themselves or become exhausted. For example, the scene where Marley runs down the beach was actually filmed piece by piece, with multiple puppies each running a short length of the beach. This was done in order to prevent a single puppy from becoming exhausted by having to run down the entire length of the beach.



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We Say Yes to “Say Yes to the Dress”!

A wedding is often the most important and memorable day in one’s life. Our modern culture has made much ado about weddings, and the most sophisticated among us often shell out tens of thousands of dollars to create the perfect lavish affairs. TLC has made a success of the experience of dress shopping with its popular show, Say Yes to the Dress! The show takes place in an upscale wedding boutique with price tags that would exceed most reasonable budgets. The most recent installments of the series take place in Atlanta, catering to southern belles and their always-difficult families.

Say-Yes-To-The-DressThe high price tags aren’t particularly surprising, as the boutique caters to some celebrities and high-end clientele. On a recent episode, former EXTRA correspondent Adrianna Costa stopped in to discover her perfect wedding dresses. Yes- plural, as in she will wear two dresses- one for the ceremony and one for the reception. While even low-key brides may implement this tactic for comfort or style, these are very expensive dresses we are talking about. Regardless, the session hits some snags as her mother is obsessed with Adrianna not showing too much breast.

This is something that makes the show in general entertaining, but slightly dull. There is always some problem which sends the family and friends of the brides into an uproar. Is it staged or scripted? Well, it’s hard to say. Most bridal resources recommend only bringing one or two closely-trusted consultants with you, and many brides on the show bring many more. It just seems that everyone has to have an opinion. In the end, the bride wins- as she should- and Adrianna finds her perfect dresses.

“Cleavage” seems to be a recurring theme as another recent episode featured a bride with a mother-in-law obsessed with the same ‘chesty’ issue. The bride had lost her mom and was eager to impress her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law didn’t like any dresses she picked and even suggested a hideous bolero jacket accessory in an attempt to make the bride’s choice a bit more modest. Eventually, love won the day when the bride tried on a dress and her cousin remarked that the bride’s mother would’ve loved it. This sent everyone, including the mother-in-law, into tearful fits and the dress was chosen. The emotional scenes such as this one are genuinely worth watching the show for, and former brides can relate to the joy of their special day.


The show may not hold every viewer’s attention. After all, the show is the same thing each week with different women and different dresses. It occasionally is more interesting when stars and really rich clients roll through, since we get a glimpse at $100,000 dollar gowns decked in rhinestones (yes, some of the requests are quite extravagant indeed) and other expensive things. Viewers who enjoy shows about fashion or weddings will likely find a favorite in Say Yes to the Dress, but it’s hard to find much difference between the original and Atlanta versions of the show. In many ways, it seems like a futile attempt to hold on to a series that was once much more popular.


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Why the BBC Sci-Fi Comedy Red Dwarf Won’t Die

I was introduced to Red Dwarf, the seminal BBC sci-fi comedy, by a friend.  He had the series on DVD and was hesitant to share them with me because he was afraid I wouldn’t like them.  According to him, if I didn’t like the show, he might not be able to stay friends with me.  He was not kidding.


Red Dwarf

I’ll admit it was touch and go there the first couple of series.  The show was super low budget the first 12 episodes (6 each series) and the sets were drab and dull and the acting rough in patches.  But there was a certain charm to the show and I love any kind of British comedy.  Monty Python, Bean, it’s all good stuff.  So I stuck with it and was rewarded with a rich, intelligent, absolutely hilarious sitcom based in space about the last human survivor in existence, David Lister.

Dave is accompanied by the hologram of his former bunkmate Arnold Judas Rimmer, the life form that evolved from his cat after three million years while Lister was in suspended animation, and starting in series three, an android named Kryten.  I think the addition of Kryten in series three, plus the creation of newer sets and stronger writing, is what made the show take off.

We also had a disembodied fifth member of the Red Dwarf (the name of the ship through which they travel the deep reaches of space together) crew, a computer named Holly, played by a male or female, depending on the series.  Holly claimed to have an IQ of 6,000 but always acted like she/he was dumber than a box of rocks.

Red Dwarf X


Many fans feel the show’s heyday was series 3-6 and that series 7 and 8 represent a drop-off in quality.  I will not argue this because I agree with them.  And considering the show seemed to be dead and buried after series 8… well, the writing was on the wall.  1999 saw the close of series 8 and that was it for a long, long time.

There was a lot of talk about a movie featuring the beleaguered crew of the Dwarf but nothing came to pass.  It was all talk and once the internet picked up there were fan sites and forums begging and praying for some more Dwarf.

Ten years went by before we saw a new series.  It wasn’t the film nor was it a full series but the three part mini-series Back to Earth put the Dwarfers together again.  The recent Series X proves the show is here to stay.  What kind of TV program leaves the air for a decade then returns in full strength?

Only the immortal Red Dwarf.


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Time Warner Cable NYC Promotions Offers More Of Everything

Do you live in New York City? Time Warner Cable Packages have many features to offer subscribers in NYC. With Time Warner Cable in New York City, the family can get the programming options they want and the digital features they love, all in one package.


Subscribers in NYC can choose the number of television channels they want from the channel packages that Time Warner Cable TV has to offer. These channels packages can provide a variety of topics to satisfy the different interests in the house. But for the households that are more specific, Time Warner Cable TV also provides movie and sports premiums that can deliver hours of movies and sports with a number of programming options from channels that play nothing but movies sports all the time.

Time Warner Cable TV can also provide programming in the native Spanish language with the International programming it offers. Families that live in bilingual or Spanish speaking households can get familiar programming in the language they are most comfortable with.

Time Warner Cable TV can provide On Demand and Pay Per View selections. On Demand is a digital video library that can give customers thousands of additional programming options for network shows, sports programming, children’s shows and newly released movies.

They also offer Pay Per View selections for live entertainment, offering sports, music and comedy events that can entertain the entire family for hours. These events are shown in real time from all over the world, offering a taste of other cultures.

These selections can be watched with the benefit of the DVR, or digital video recorder. The recorder can record up to sixty hours of programming and store it to be watched later. The DVR can also be used to rewind, pause and fast forward digital and HD selections from the On Demand and Pay Per View menus. This allows the viewer to get the most out of any selection the viewer chooses.

Time Warner Cable Internet services in NYC are the way to surf, network or download, providing speeds that are enough to download games, music, HD movies and videos in seconds. Time Warner Cable Internet services are provided with free online security software that can help protect the computer and family from spyware, popups, viruses and Identity Theft. This service also gives Parental Controls for keeping the children away from adult websites and online predators. The Parental Controls can also help parents monitor online chat and networking sessions to let them know who their children are talking to. These online services are the family’s instant access to the world wide web.


Time Warner Cable Home Phone services are the best plan for staying in touch with friends and family all over the continent. Time Warner Cable Home Phone provides local and long distance calling to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  Families can quit counting minutes and paying expensive monthly bills with this service. They can also take advantage of the calling features that are included in the monthly price. These features include the Caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling, call return and more for up to ten features in all.

Time Warner Cable in New York, NY has all of the services a family needs for entertainment and communications.

America’s Got Talent

The America’s Got Talent talent show is an American reality TV show featuring singers, musicians and performers from across the country. Their motivation? Every performer is competing for a top prize of one million dollars! Small wonder America’s Got Talent has been so popular in the last few years!


It all began in June of 2006.

Ever the entrepreneur, Simon Cowell – producer of Britain’s X Factor – is the creator as well as executive producer of America’s Got Talent. Due to his agreement with Fox, Cowell was unable to act as a judge as he had previously on the X Factor. But this hasn’t hindered the show from being an amazing hit.

So how does America’s Got Talent work? What would a performer expect if he or she wanted to compete? Are you the next winner, perhaps?

Auditions for America’s Got Talent are held in cities across the United States. If a performer makes it through the initial audition, they perform for four celebrity judges. These judges may terminate a performer’s act, and if all four judges decide they don’t approve, that contestant is disqualified from the final audition.

If a performer makes it through both of these trials, it’s on to Las Vegas Week! This is where successful performers are asked to audition again for the judges, who will then select acts to go on to the final performance.


This is where America’s Got Talent really gets serious. Finalists perform for a live audience – as well as the four judges – and compete for viewers’ and judges’ votes. The performer with the most votes is declared winner … which means 1 million dollars and a chance to headline their own show on the Vegas Strip.

For obvious reasons, America’s Got Talent has risen to the top on American reality TV. With over 6.3 million viewers, it’s caught the attention of the American public as well as the world.  It looks like Simon Cowell has done it again!


Star Trek Timeline

Star Trek Timeline


Star Trek Timeline
Click image for larger version.

Star Trek has entertained generations of fans and Trekkies! Check out some of the greatest Star Trek moments here!