“Last Man Standing” in The Spotlight

In this week’s episode of The Spotlight, Vanessa has just been nominated for an award that honors the Volunteer Parent of the Year, an annual award at Eve’s school.  Since the principal told her she should prepare a few words, it must mean that she is going to win.

Presently, Vanessa is getting some sun but her relaxation is interrupted as Mike tells her that famous football star, Peyton Manning, came in to the Outdoor Man.

Vanessa is getting nervous about her award at the school when she finds out that another woman’s husband who owns a landscaping company has donated new sod to upgrade the baseball field. She is just sure she is in jeopardy now that politics has come into play. Mike comes up with the idea of helping out the school as he donates an impressive new scoreboard from the Outdoor Man that the whole community is talking about. Now Vanessa is afraid that everybody will think she is trying to buy her way into winning the award. Continue reading

Stories of “OctoMom’s” Rising Debt Crisis

Recent stories of the OctoMom, Nadya Suleman’s, mounting debt are surfacing as she says she is broke and owes a half to one million to creditors.  The list includes lawyers, doctors, teachers and even Direct TV. Suleman has filed for bankruptcy in Orange County, CA claiming she only has upwards of 50,000 to her name because she has wasted her money on things like Direct TV.

Her creditors include an attorney, insurance companies, lawn services, cell phone companies, gas, water, and power companies, Christian schools, pest control companies, and satellite TV.

The mother of 14 says she has attended a debt counseling class as a requirement for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  She claims to have taken it on the internet although it is unclear how she paid for the internet since she is now on welfare, claiming a single mom with 14 kids who has no steady job can’t pay the bills.

Suleman says she has had to make tough decisions and the bankruptcy was one of them. She feels this is the right move for her to be able to care for her 14 children with a fresh start. The mother of 14 receives $2000 per month food stamps and tells Anderson Cooper on a recent talk show that she is not ashamed for posing nude for a British magazine for $8000. Continue reading

All The Antics Of “30 Rock”…

Jack has an opening to attend for a couch factory but he can’t find his giant scissors!  But luckily they are giant sized so he finds them in time.  While Jack is at the opening he gets a call from the hospital that his Mother has had heart surgery and needs a place to stay after he is released.  They then spend the next five minutes bickering over the phone causing Jack to miss the cutting of the ribbon…further ruining his life.

Back at the studio Jenna enters bragging about how she is sleeping with a rock stay, who is actually a member of the Woggels (an Australian children’s group).  She is determined to break him and his band apart, much like Yoko did with the Beatles, in order to further boost her ego.  However, Liz thinks that this is all simply a distraction for Jenna because she really misses Paul.

Tracy is in distress because his oldest son, George Foreman, got into Stanford and none of the Morgan men attend college.  He determines to spend a day with his son and show him all of the fun that he will be missing out on if he turns into a nerd. Continue reading

“Shark Tank” – Episode 314

Friday’s show in the “Shark Tank” hosts Barbara Lampugnale as she pitches her “Nail Pak,” asking for $50,000 for 20% of her business.

Barbara has six girls and they all enjoy painting each others nails on Friday nights. Barbara came up with the idea of packaging the nail polish, pads, file, and remover into one convenient bundle for retail.  She conveys it costs her $3 to make the package and it sells for $14.99 each. She has invested just under $300,000 of her own money so far.

Shark Robert decides he can’t see how it is possible to add any value to the product so he is not interested. Mark is aware that Barbara needs a big support team to help her grow the product, but he is out as he knows he is not that guy. Lori likes the product and makes Barbara an offer of $50k but wants 51% of the company as she thinks it will sell out on QVC and promises Barbara to treat the product as it is was her own.

Meanwhile, Kevin hops on the bandwagon and offers her $50k for only 40% of her company as he knows many people who will get her on shopping channels. He emphasizes that with him, Barbara will retain control over her company as he asks Daymond to join in with him. Continue reading

“Game of Thrones” Recap

In this thrilling installment of “Game of Thrones” there is exciting ploy after exciting ploy.  North of the Wall brings us to witnessing a beating of Jon Snow by Craster the Molester because he saw the sacrifice of the baby from last week.  Jon goes to the Lord Commander and complains about how Craster the Molester is killing off young boys.  Of course everyone knows this already and the Lord Commander explains to Jon that it is a necessary service that has saved the lives of the brothers of the Night’s Watch.

The brothers are finally kicked off of the homestead. Sam and Gilly have been involved in a low-key flirting extravaganza, but Gilly has to leave and looks a little annoyed because nothing has materialized.  He still gives her his mother’s thimble, but not permanently.

Meanwhile in Winterfell Bran is having tons of dreams where he becomes his direwolf Summer.  Bran gets to run, kill animals, and jump through the woods despite the fact that he is actually unable to watch.

Bran tells Luwin and explains that he thinks the dreams are real.  Of course, Luwin thinks they are fake and states that the dragons and giants are long dead and gone whether or not they really are.

Back at Renly’s Camp there is an epic fight between two knights. Seemingly obsessed with wanting to be king and gain the Iron Throne, Renly Baratheon enjoys wearing a crown while sitting on a platform and watching a knight-fight tournament. Continue reading

Judges Axed From “America’s Next Top Model”

Loyal followers of CW’s “America’s Next Top Model” were surprised to find out that some of the fan favorites would not be on the show next season.

Nigel Barker, judge for the show, J. Alexander, model coach and Jay Manuel, creative director, will all be replaced in the coming season. Not only were fans a little sad to see such long-time members of the show go, but Tyra Banks was, as well.

Tyra Banks is the executive producer and the host for the hit series. As her position dictates, she has to make the hard decisions, sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean she has to like it. In a recent interview, Ms. Banks talked about the decision to let these people go.

Banks stated that the decision to fire Barker, Alexander and Manuel was very difficult. She said it was done because she felt like the show needed something new, like a new boost. She also said there are a lot of people that are involved in the decision-making process. She also said she still loves them, and that they are her guys. She went on to explain the close ties were a result of them being with her since the beginning of the show.

However, there may be good news for the future employment statuses of Barker, Alexander and Manuel, because Banks also revealed that she and Ken Mok have other projects that they are developing. She said they are a family and that it doesn’t end. Continue reading

Kardashian Family Offers Vague Comments on Kim and Kanye’s Relationship

It’s obvious the Kardashians are sticking together as they dodge the rumor mill and try to squelch the rumors of Kim and Kanye West being an item so soon after the breakup of Kris Humphries and Kim. It’s already been revealed in interviews that Khloe thinks Kim and Kanye are cute together, and all Kourtney would say is “Who knows?” So you see there is no denying it, but there are also no affirmations to the contrary.

As far as finding out what Kim’s mom and Bruce think about it, Kris shared some comments on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, but they were no more informative than what is already known. Kim’s mom dodged the gossip bullet by saying Kanye has been a long time friend of the family and she loves him dearly. She went a step further to explain that she doesn’t try to make judgments about the people the girls have relationships with as she doesn’t want to get herself in trouble, and reiterates earlier comments that she is usually the last to know when it comes to her girls’ love lives.

Bruce, on the other hand, gave a motivational speech to some college kids at Northwestern University in Boston last week, and his remarks weren’t as positive as those of his wife. He admitted that he and Kim have had a conversation about a potential relationship, but said he was not that excited about the situation as the subject came up. Some of the students tried to analyze Bruce’s comments as they say he gave the impression he was not happy about the idea of the two hooking up, and although he would not confirm or deny it, his comments gave them the feeling that the two were together. Continue reading

Minneapolis Minnesota Comcast Cable Services

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All of your special viewing interests are accounted for when you begin utilizing Minneapolis, MN Comcast Digital TV in your home.  With so many channels devoted to more obscure and broad topics than ever before you can enjoy a variety of sporting events and networks, news networks including a bundle of investigative journalism sources, international programming, movie channels, and a huge variety of Premium Channels to take advantage of.

With so much to enjoy, everyone will be flocking to your television set.  Enjoy hosting the best movie and sports nights with more HD movie and sports channels than ever.  As realistic as it gets you will blow the minds of everyone who watches the big game at your house. Continue reading

This Week on “The View”

Today’s topics on “The View” encompassed the latest trends and headlines from Ashley Judd on the hit series “Missing” as she thwarts off rumors of her plastic surgery to Alec Baldwin’s alleged stalker claiming that he led her on in a relationship.

Sherri dropped in from LA on the live show today offering the inside scoop on why Melissa Gilbert was rushed to the hospital after performing Monday night on “Dancing with the Stars.” She also answered questions about how tough the judges are getting on the dance show contest.

The first guest today was Steve Harvey as he sat with the hosts on the show to talk about how he is taking his new best-selling book Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Man to the big screen and how he is using his own personal spin on daytime TV. Members of the audience went home with a copy of his book and soundtrack of the movie.

Especially exciting on “The View” this week, the stars from the hottest new sitcom “Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23” showed up to join the hosts. Krysten Ritter shared how she owed her break in TV all to Whoopi and Dreama Walker talked about her hobby that was impossible.  Also, Debra Messing discussed starring in the television series “Smash” and told about why she was forced to join Twitter.

The show also capitalized on ABC’s Lara Spencer as she took them on a trendy redecorating mission showing how to spend thousands less by learning to use those hidden treasures from garage sales, flee markets, thrift stores and even dumpsters. Continue reading

Was Your Favorite Cable Show In The Top Spot?

It all comes down to the ratings, no matter how much you like the show. So, if your favorite isn’t on this list, keep checking back. Ratings can drop drastically, then make a sudden comeback.

For April 4, 2012, the top five cable shows go as follows:

“Tosh.O” was number one, again. Tosh.O is a show that deals with everything from the mildly humorous down to the eccentric and bizarre. With David Tosh leading the way on sarcastic and witty commentary, viewers are introduced to the flamboyant, comical and just plain strange world of online viral video. It covers video posted online from all over the world, with Tosh offering the subjects of these videos an opportunity at web redemption. It comes on at 10:00 pm on Comedy Central.

“Dance Moms” came in second on the ratings list. It airs at 9:00 pm on Lifetime. The show follows Abby Lee Miller, of the Abby Lee Dance Company. While trying to teach these children how to become world-renowned dancers, Miller also has to deal with the mothers that want to make sure their children succeed. The program shows the sometimes grueling world of dance competition and the International programming-personal relationships between those that are involved. Continue reading