New Thriller Series on ABC, “Scandal” features Enemy of the State Episode

A sworn enemy of the U.S. is in town for an annual conference as men assigned to protect General Benicio Florez, a South American dictator, show up in Olivia Pope’s office. Someone kidnapped his wife and children. Olivia is the only person who can help him. However, she is not herself right now after she found out Amanda Tanner is pregnant with the president’s baby.

While the general’s son was a witness to the kidnapping, the team believes he is not being honest about the chain of events. Huck tracks them down at a woman’s shelter. His wife wasn’t kidnapped, she ran to escape from the general. Abby does not want to return her to the general because she is scared, so she checks her and the kids into a hotel and keeps the news from Olivia. Continue reading

“Secret Millionaire” Featuring Ali Brown of Venice, California

Ali Brown is a very wealthy entrepreneur, one of the richest in the U.S, but she leaves her Marina Del Ray home to see what it is like to live on welfare wages in a poor area that is not too far from her own neighborhood. Venice, CA may be close to Ali’s fabulous home, but they are worlds apart from the kind of life she is used to living.

As Ali sets out to meet some people as a Secret Millionaire, the first place she visits is called “Common Ground” where less fortunate young adults can obtain food, medical treatment, and counseling.  Ali takes off on her bike to hand out snacks and invite some of the homeless people to visit the Common Ground where they can get food, medical attention and limited dental care. Ali has the pleasure of meeting Dre, a recovered meth addict and his friend and staff member, Courtney. Continue reading

“Veep” Recap

The Vice President is on her fundraiser for clean jobs when Gary brings up the new thing to help support Clean Jobs, utensils made of corn products.  The VP promotes the idea and somehow she is quoted and it leaks all over Twitter.

By the time Selina gets to her fundraiser there are literally five senators and congressman there.  The rest have decided to bail out on the event because they are plastics promoters and not corn products supporters.  Selina is furious between Gary whispering in his ear and Amy trying to figure out what went wrong.  Amy finally gets it and sets up a meeting with Dan so that Selina can meet with Barbara and hopefully get plastics back on her side. Continue reading

New Novel By Nick Santora – “Fifteen Digits”

People may not know who Nick Santora is by name, but almost everyone knows his work. Nick Santora is the creator of such hits as “Breakout Kings” on A&E. He also helped write on other hits, including “Prison Break”, “The Sopranos” and “Law & Order”. Santora is now celebrating success in another area. His new novel, “Fifteen Digits” has just arrived in stores. It is the second one Santora has written.

In “Fifteen Digits”, five men are employed by a high-end, well-to-do law corporate law firm. These men are printers for the firm, and as such, have access to very sensitive company documents. These documents include legal secrets. When curiosity and greed get the best of them, these five men enter the world of insider trading, after having read about it in one of the documents they received from a young lawyer. Continue reading

“Undercover Boss” in Season Three on CBS

The two-time Emmy Award-nominated show on CBS, “Undercover Boss,” is featuring its eighth episode in the “Taylormade Golf Company.”  The CBS show airs Fridays at 8pm and is a true reality in every sense of the word. The boss, Mark King, is in charge of 2000 employees. He formerly worked as a sales rep and has been an avid golfer since he was a young kid. He loves the game of golf and the best part of being CEO is that he can come and go as he pleases, so he does a lot of golfing.

Mark went undercover this week in hopes to discover the reason for a decline in sales since 2000.  With his position as CEO, Mark needs to determine the areas that need improvement or change to get the company back on track with increased sales, even in a poor economy.  Mark was presented as Al Bauer, a golf enthusiast.

Al’s first assignment is to meet Caley, the Quality Control Auditor in the Westminster, South Carolina facility, a golf ball manufacturing plant. She shows Mark how to inspect each and every ball, relaying to him that she does upwards of 5000 each day. Al (Mark) is super slow as he inspects the balls one at a time. Caley instructs him to do three at a time to keep the process moving. Next Caley moves over to the stamping process to look at the balls after they have been stamped, where Mark is also having a hard time keeping up. Continue reading

GMA Finally Beats “Today Show” In Ratings After 16 Years

Is it possible for one TV show to rank at the top of the ratings chart for 16 years straight? Apparently, it is. The Today show did just that. It ranked at the top of the ratings for 16 years, but not anymore.

This winning streak started in 1995, with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric as the main anchors for the show. All in all, the Today show took the top ratings for 852 weeks in a row, garnering as much as $484 million for NBC in 2011.

This fall from grace comes after NBC signed Matt Lauer for an extension on his contract. This extension now makes him the most paid host on television news, raking in an estimated $25 million per year for the next four years. This week, however, Matt Lauer was on vacation. The loss of Today’s winning streak has been attributed, in part, to Matt Lauer’s week of paid vacation. This does speak for Lauer’s job security on the show, and poses a serious question about any vacations in the future. Continue reading

“The Client List” Is Picked Up For Season 2 By Lifetime

Jennifer Love Hewitt was very excited when she got the news that the Lifetime drama “The Client List” was just picked up for a second season. She tweeted that she was crying due to her excitement. She thanked Lifetime and “The Client List” fans.

The President and General Manager for Lifetime Networks, Nancy Dubuc, said “The Client List” was everything the network wants. She stated it is exciting, fresh and original. Ms. Dubuc also said the show has attitude. Ms. Dubuc went on to say the network loves Hewitt, and the series, and Lifetime is thrilled that these two have connected with Lifetime’s audience. Ms. Dubuc finished her statement by saying Lifetime is currently trying to express its new brand- “Your Life. Your Time”. Continue reading

TV Done Right – The Dish Network Way

Everybody knows it: we live in tough economic times. Once rock-solid businesses are going bankrupt or cutting staff and services in order to stay afloat. But in the highly competitive telecommunications industry, one company continues to thrive and grow. That business is Dish Network Satellite TV. With a customer base of over 13 million satisfied customers, what is it that makes Dish Network stand out from its competitors?

Three pillars of business success are customer service, high quality and low prices and Dish Network has them all. When you consider the fact that Dish TV offers far more HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) program options than any of its cable or Satellite TV competitors at much lower prices, you’ll wonder how they can do it. The answer is simple. They know that satisfied customers are long-term customers and customer satisfaction is Dish Network’s  number one priority. While their competitors charge a fee for system upgrades like HDTV, Dish Network literally gives it away. And then they throw in regular specials and promotions just to sweeten the deal for their customers.

An essential ingredient of customer service is giving the customer what they want. At Dish Network, they believe in giving the customer more than they want or could even dream of having. The baseline program package at Dish is their Classic Bronze Pak’s 100-plus SD channels. That’s already more than most other television service providers offer in their far more expensive top-of-the range deals.

Continue reading

“Parks And Recreation” Delivers Loads Of Laughs

In “Parks and Recreation” Leslie bothers her Congressman in order to not have a portion of the parks and recreation budget cut.  However, instead of cutting parks and recreation he instead cuts the budget of an animal shelter which means all of the animals it cares for will be put to sleep.

This makes the evening news and Leslie is accused of being an animal murderer.  As a counter against these allegations Leslie tries to come up with some sort of way that she can avoid cuts to the parks and save the animal shelter. Continue reading

Rock N’ Roll Night On “Dancing With The Stars”

The theme for this week Dancing with the Stars episode was rock n’ roll which meant a plethora of Mohawks, painted faces and huge 80’s hair that we all thought we had escaped.  But, no season of Dancing with the Stars is fulfilled without its handful of injuries, injuries, injuries.

No one had bigger hair this week than the beautiful Brooke Burke, her performance was good but also not memorable.

Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus really tried their hardest to perform well to Bohemian Rhapsody which was a rather difficult song.  Their efforts were stringent but not good enough.  The judges acknowledged that they appreciated the effort that the two put in but they were a bit sloppy and their posture could have been stronger.  Altogether the judges were not impressed by the dance moves but more-so by Gladys’ costume. Continue reading