High Speed Internet Plans Will Change Your Life

Who said you canít have high-speed internet access in your home at a reasonable rate? With the right internet service provider, you can have a great in-home internet service with all the speed you need. The best ISP is your local Cable TV Company. Cable internet is more reliable than Dial-Up, DSL and Satellite combined. A cable provider can give you broadband internet with enough bandwidth to play all of your favorite MMORPG games for the gamer in the house or even to watch last night’s game through your cable provider’s online coverage.


There is also enough bandwidth so that you can upload, download and stream without worrying about how long it takes to load. You can get up to 105 Mbps so you donít have to worry about telling the others to get off their devices so you can get on.

These services are a higher quality for a better price than their competition. With a cable provider you also get free services like online security and free Parental Controls. The internet security is a comprehensive security suit that can block malware to keep your computer infection free. Online threats such as worms, Trojans, viruses, spyware and add-wear can steal your personal information and render your device inoperable.

With cable internet you have the opportunity to surf safely while protecting your personal information from hackers and identity thieves. The free online Parental Controls can be put on different settings for different devices to meet the needs of different age groups in your home. You can use them to block websites based on the web address or the site rating.

You can also use Parental Controls to monitor online chats and activities to help protect from predators. These controls also make it easier to restrict online time so that you know they are doing their homework. This makes sure they are safe when you leave so there is no more worrying about what they see on the internet.

You cable provider will also offer you a Wi-Fi connection instead of the standard wired internet connection. You can still get 105 Mbps but with this, you donít have to use a desktop. It will allow you to use any internet enabled device to surf the web.

When you use a cable TV provider to give you cable internet, you save yourself the time, hassle and expense of using all the wrong services. If you already have TV programming and home phone service through your cable provider, ask about a bundled service package. Bundled packages provide monthly discounts and convenient online bill pay services. This way, you can look forward to having the best services for the best price.


They will also give you a monthly discount just for bundling so there is no more pulling change for the bill. You do not have to scramble at the last moment because you forgot to pay the bills. With your cable provider, you pay one bill for three services and you are done. You will get great home entertainment and communication at a great price.

Time Warner Cable NYC Promotions Offers More Of Everything

Do you live in New York City? Time Warner Cable Packages have many features to offer subscribers in NYC. With Time Warner Cable in New York City, the family can get the programming options they want and the digital features they love, all in one package.


Subscribers in NYC can choose the number of television channels they want from the channel packages that Time Warner Cable TV has to offer. These channels packages can provide a variety of topics to satisfy the different interests in the house. But for the households that are more specific, Time Warner Cable TV also provides movie and sports premiums that can deliver hours of movies and sports with a number of programming options from channels that play nothing but movies sports all the time.

Time Warner Cable TV can also provide programming in the native Spanish language with the International programming it offers. Families that live in bilingual or Spanish speaking households can get familiar programming in the language they are most comfortable with.

Time Warner Cable TV can provide On Demand and Pay Per View selections. On Demand is a digital video library that can give customers thousands of additional programming options for network shows, sports programming, children’s shows and newly released movies.

They also offer Pay Per View selections for live entertainment, offering sports, music and comedy events that can entertain the entire family for hours. These events are shown in real time from all over the world, offering a taste of other cultures.

These selections can be watched with the benefit of the DVR, or digital video recorder. The recorder can record up to sixty hours of programming and store it to be watched later. The DVR can also be used to rewind, pause and fast forward digital and HD selections from the On Demand and Pay Per View menus. This allows the viewer to get the most out of any selection the viewer chooses.

Time Warner Cable Internet services in NYC are the way to surf, network or download, providing speeds that are enough to download games, music, HD movies and videos in seconds. Time Warner Cable Internet services are provided with free online security software that can help protect the computer and family from spyware, popups, viruses and Identity Theft. This service also gives Parental Controls for keeping the children away from adult websites and online predators. The Parental Controls can also help parents monitor online chat and networking sessions to let them know who their children are talking to. These online services are the family’s instant access to the world wide web.


Time Warner Cable Home Phone services are the best plan for staying in touch with friends and family all over the continent. Time Warner Cable Home Phone provides local and long distance calling to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  Families can quit counting minutes and paying expensive monthly bills with this service. They can also take advantage of the calling features that are included in the monthly price. These features include the Caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling, call return and more for up to ten features in all.

Time Warner Cable in New York, NY has all of the services a family needs for entertainment and communications.