Blogcomment Demon-A Review

Blogcomment Demon-A Review

As today’s internet changes, so do the ways that you build websites. As any webmaster of today knows, simply designing, building and creating content for a website will not get you a good ranking with the many search engines that are out there. Much more needs to be done in order to achieve the maximum effect that you want for your website.

In the past, you could have simply loaded your website with good content and a few ample keywords in order to receive a good ranking with the major search engines. With the internet being more accessible, convenient and easy to do seemingly daunting tasks for even the most novice of webmasters, there are many more websites on the internet now. For this reason, it is getting harder to achieve a favorable ranking in these same search engines. Search engines have changed their criteria based on this fact and are becoming more selective with what websites they rank. Think of it this way. If you have the only website on a particular topic that someone is searching for, then your ranking will be number one on all of the search engines. Now increase that same scenario except this time you are not the only person with a website on that topic, there are 100 other websites with the same topic information. It would be harder to achieve a high ranking dependent on what the other websites have to offer. That is the every day scenario that every website faces in today’s world. This is the hurdle that you must overcome if you desire to have a website that will rank well with the search engines.

Many web designers try to overcome this situation by placing links all over the internet. Just a few short years back, this seemed to be a logical and practical method for driving visitors to your site while also going up in the rankings with the search engines. But, as described earlier in the above scenario, this is starting to not even work. Webmasters are placing links pointing to their sites all across the web with no evident progress in their rankings. The downfall of these links is that they are not related links. The search engines of today have scrutinized even the links for websites to see if they are related or not. Non-related links are simply overlooked by the web-crawlers that search engines use to discover and rank websites. Having a link attached to a financial website directing the visitor to your website, which is information about a sports team, will not rank very well with the search engines because it is an unrelated link. Now, if you take that same link to your website which is about a sports team and attached it to a sporting goods store, your ranking might be what the search engines are looking for. You will increase your chances on achieving a higher ranking. To achieve this related link status, you could start looking for websites of the same topic, contact the webmaster and hopefully be added as a link somewhere on their website for a fee. This is extremely painstaking, time consuming and there is absolutely now way you would be able to contact every webmaster or even locate every website on your topic. There are also link-swap programs available for a fee but the problem with this is that there are no one-way links available. They are all two way which means your chances of having a visitor come to your website is cut in half due to the swapping method. So you might be asking yourself, how do we overcome all of these ranking obstacles?

Edwinsoft has developed a program called Blogcomment Demon to help us all out with this situation. Blogcomment Demon is a windows application that canvasses the internet for all blogs that have the related keyword subject that you place in the search criteria. The blog platforms that are covered by this great little program are tremendous. Blogcomment Demon is considered to be a very unique program of its kind due to the fact that it doesn’t violate any of the spamming laws that are in place. You do have to place your links and comments into each comment section of the blog that it pulls up. By doing this, no violation of the spamming laws are evident. Aside from being a white-hat, good-guy program, it is extremely easy to use. Once you type in your keywords, it will pull up a list of all related blogs that have that keyword, PR and what platform the blog is in. Simply double-click on the blog and you will be taken directly to that blog so you can leave your comment and link. It really is that simple.

The program utilizes related keyword search results from Google which will provide you with a tremendous amount of blogs to choose from. Keep in mind however, that if you use general keywords, you may be directed back to Google every so often to enter in the Captcha, just to make sure you aren’t a robot. If you have a permanent ban from any of the search engines, this program has a single proxy support to help you out with that.
Being that the program is of the white-hat nature, it will not automatically fill in any of your information when leaving blog comments for the form fields. There are many other programs out there available to do that task for you though.
Many of the major blog platforms are covered within the search criteria and you can choose which ones to search for. You can choose just one particular platform or scan for all of the platforms. The platforms that it covers are:

  • WordPress
  • Blogspot
  • BlogDrive
  • b2 evolution
  • Typepad
  • TextPattern
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Nucleus
  • Drupal

Once you have performed your search, all of the blogs on the chosen platforms, with the chosen keywords will be in a list. You can simply double-click on the blog and it will automatically load itself up into your default browser. If you open up multiple blogs, they will simply align themselves in the order that you clicked them with their own tabs. By doing this, you can simply open each tab and start linking and commenting.
In summary, Blogcomment Demon is an outstanding program for finding a tremendous amount of keyword related blogs to start your campaign with. It’s a totally white-hat and easy to use program. What more could anyone ask for in website traffic creation?

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