America’s Got Talent

The America’s Got Talent talent show is an American reality TV show featuring singers, musicians and performers from across the country. Their motivation? Every performer is competing for a top prize of one million dollars! Small wonder America’s Got Talent has been so popular in the last few years!


It all began in June of 2006.

Ever the entrepreneur, Simon Cowell – producer of Britain’s X Factor – is the creator as well as executive producer of America’s Got Talent. Due to his agreement with Fox, Cowell was unable to act as a judge as he had previously on the X Factor. But this hasn’t hindered the show from being an amazing hit.

So how does America’s Got Talent work? What would a performer expect if he or she wanted to compete? Are you the next winner, perhaps?

Auditions for America’s Got Talent are held in cities across the United States. If a performer makes it through the initial audition, they perform for four celebrity judges. These judges may terminate a performer’s act, and if all four judges decide they don’t approve, that contestant is disqualified from the final audition.

If a performer makes it through both of these trials, it’s on to Las Vegas Week! This is where successful performers are asked to audition again for the judges, who will then select acts to go on to the final performance.


This is where America’s Got Talent really gets serious. Finalists perform for a live audience – as well as the four judges – and compete for viewers’ and judges’ votes. The performer with the most votes is declared winner … which means 1 million dollars and a chance to headline their own show on the Vegas Strip.

For obvious reasons, America’s Got Talent has risen to the top on American reality TV. With over 6.3 million viewers, it’s caught the attention of the American public as well as the world.  It looks like Simon Cowell has done it again!


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