All The Antics Of “30 Rock”…

Jack has an opening to attend for a couch factory but he can’t find his giant scissors!  But luckily they are giant sized so he finds them in time.  While Jack is at the opening he gets a call from the hospital that his Mother has had heart surgery and needs a place to stay after he is released.  They then spend the next five minutes bickering over the phone causing Jack to miss the cutting of the ribbon…further ruining his life.

Back at the studio Jenna enters bragging about how she is sleeping with a rock stay, who is actually a member of the Woggels (an Australian children’s group).  She is determined to break him and his band apart, much like Yoko did with the Beatles, in order to further boost her ego.  However, Liz thinks that this is all simply a distraction for Jenna because she really misses Paul.

Tracy is in distress because his oldest son, George Foreman, got into Stanford and none of the Morgan men attend college.  He determines to spend a day with his son and show him all of the fun that he will be missing out on if he turns into a nerd.

Meanwhile, Jack goes to the hospital to retrieve his Mother and the two bounce sarcastic let downs at one another but the underlying issue is that she has a failing heart and should be looked after.  Jack offers to let her stay with him and his daughter but Connie can’t wait to go back to Florida.

Jenna is spending a lot of time with the Woggels and not all of the band members appreciate it.  She uses her stringent sexuality to lure in her new victim and then continues to pump his ego.  He has written a song about kangaroos that the lead member does not allow him to play and Jenna uses this as a means to separate the band.

After Jenna is successful with her antics she realizes that she actually just misses Paul.
Tracy is spending the day with his son, George Foreman, and showing him all the fun activities that he is missing out on:  throwing money at Liz while she dances, eating fast food off of naked women and many other things.  As a result George no longer wants to attend college but would rather spend quality time that he has never had before with his dad.

Jack, Jenna, Connie and Tracy all end up in Liz’s office asking her advice on what to do and she prescribes the same thing to all four:  communicate.  Tell your loved ones what you feel before it is too late.

The show concludes with all four doing just that.  Jack and Connie make amends and he finds out she intentionally came to New York to see him.  Tracy tells his son to go to college and be proud of who he is and Jenna tries to get Paul back but realizes that he is now cross-dressing with another woman.  You can’t win them all.

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