2012 Digital Newfronts

The annual Digital Newfronts are the place where internet companies such as AOL, Hulu, Yahoo, YouTube, and others, are each given their turn to impress advertisers. The event is two weeks long, and is usually used only by the internet companies. However, this year, NBCUniversal took a turn with a presentation for new options and collaborations. The event was held in Manhattan, at the Skylight West.

During this year’s Digital Newfront, advertisers were introduced to a wide variety of new offerings for the internet.

NBCUniversal, or NBCU, is launching the Universal Games Network, or UGN. This network will be the center for the fan favorites that NBCU already has available, such mobile. social and online games. The UGN allows fans to go to a single site for a complete layout of all their favorites in one place. The site will also offer reward points for fans that make that their one-stop source for their gaming. These points will be redeemable for virtual and real prizes.

NBCU will also launch a new social TV platform, with other web-exclusives, including “Oxygen Connect”. Among the things on the list for this platform to explore is the first and second seasons of “The Glee Project” , “The 80 Plates Tweet Challenge”, and “Style Candy”. “The 80 Plates Tweet Challenge” is a collaboration between Infiniti and Bravo. Fans are invited to tweet a hash tag for the chance to win plane tickets. The hash tag is to help promote the new culinary competition. “Style Candy” is a collaboration between Daily Candy and the Style Network. It is to offer original content and tips on the latest trends for lifestyle and styling. The release is set for May 18.

NBCU also owns a website called iVillage. The site is launching “My Best Idea”, a new video series. The series will merge professional content with tips provided by members of the iVillage community. Developers of the series said the idea was gleaned from information they received about site traffic. It was discovered that the majority of the traffic to iVillage was from women that were there to get inspiration and solutions.

Telemundo, a subsidiary of NBCU, is partnering up with Fandango. Designed to target Hispanic audiences, the “Fandango Cine” will be launched, with platforms on the Telemundo and Fandango sites. It will offer editorial on movies, video programming in the Spanish language, and help to improve upon the movie-going experience for Hispanic audiences.

The President for the NBCUniversal Entertainment Cable and Digital Ad Sales unit, said these new offerings show how dedicated NBCU is to digital. She went on to say it is the company’s belief that digital is a key driver in consumer engagement.

NBCUniversal also released a statement that announced its newly formed digital advisory board. The Women @NBCU will serve as a type of think tank for women’s trends and marketing to women from across different digital platforms.

It appears that NBCU fans have much to look forward to in the coming year.

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